How to dynamically set Excel slash headers in VBA

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If you need to draw a diagonal header directly, you'll need to use the VBA method, and the following is relevant, please continue reading.

With the command button control in the Control Toolbox, draw a command button on the worksheet, change the "Caption" property to "direct slash header", and double-click the button to write code in the "click" Event, where the key code is as follows.

Key code:

' Get row and column headings

Dim Icol, IRow as String

Icol=inputbox ("Please enter row header for slash cell", row heading)

Irow=inputbox ("Please enter column headings for slash cells", column headings)

Selection.value = Icol + "" + IRow

' Judge if the string is in line with the rules

If Len (Icol) = 0 or len (irow) = 0 Then

MsgBox ("The title entered is empty!")

Exit Sub

End If

' Determines whether a selection has only one cell

If selection.count <> 1 Then

MsgBox ("Please select a cell and do this again!")

Exit Sub

End If

' Set the slash on top left to right

With Selection.borders (Xldiagonaldown)

. LineStyle = xlcontinuous

. Weight = Xlthin

. ColorIndex = xlautomatic

End With

This feature is used in the following ways:

Once the code is written, when you need to insert a slash header, select the cell that you want to insert a slash header in (if the selected cell is more than one, the system will give an error prompt, click the "make slash head directly" button, you will be prompted to enter the header row, column headings, respectively, enter the header row headings (such as grades) and column headings (for example, classes).

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