How to earn your first bucket of gold in the Geek lab

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1. Open link

2. Click "I want to experience" pop-up "Login/Registration Dialog" complete "Login/Registration"

3. Click "I want to experience" to complete personal information

4. After completing the personal information, click "Start Now"

5. Click "Start Experience" to complete a product experience based on the guide

6, the experience process needs to record the screen, recommend the following way of recording screen (experience the product as loudly as possible when you use the feeling)

7, after the completion of the experience, the recorded video to us can be (video in the computer can click on the left of the "upload video", video in the phone can scan the QR code on the right to upload)

8. Video Upload Success, will enter the stage of waiting for review, we will review your task within 24 hours, the results of the audit will be notified by mail to you, please check;

9, after the video audit to indicate the success of the task, then you have been awarded the task of the Reward points (100 points = 10 yuan);

10, at This moment can go to "pole Merchant City" in exchange for gifts;

How to earn your first bucket of gold in the Geek lab

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