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We all know PowerPoint file is in PPT format, but it is not sometimes in order to let the other side directly play will be saved as PPS file, so when the PPS file will be double click on the direct playback, so this also makes some people can not open PPS file for editing. How to open the PPS file and edit it? Today, the specific steps and details of the process to explain the hope for everyone to help.

Method one modifies the file format method

Most of our presentations are in PPT format, we just need to change the PPS format to PPT format, but in general, the computer default is not to see the file format display (that is, file name extension) so you have to show the file name extension as follows (if you can see the file name extension, skip these steps)

Step one Select "Tools" → "Folder Options" in the menu as shown in the figure

Step two in the Folder Options window, select the View tab and then in the advanced settings, locate the "Hide extensions for known file types" To remove the previous check and then press the OK button below, as shown

Step three right-click the file you want to change format Select File Rename and then change the extension PPS to PPT so that you can open and edit like a normal ppt file as shown

Method two open and Save method

This method is actually relatively simple to open into the PowerPoint program and then click to open the menu forced to open just that PPS file and then click the Save as a PPT format to save as a PowerPoint can not cut the diagram

Method three-way method of opening

Right-click "Open with" in PPS file select shortcut menu and select PowerPoint Program the next method is the same as method two

The other is about the PPS file how to open and edit several methods you should understand, of course, if you don't want someone to change your presentation, you can also save as PPS The Format method is to point "Save as" and then select "PPS Show" format as shown in the figure

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