How to edit the vertices of a picture arbitrarily in PPT2010

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In ppt, only the vertex of the shape can be edited (add, delete vertices, open, closed path, curved, straighten vertices, etc.).

For pictures, you cannot directly edit the vertices of a picture. However, you can use shape editing to edit the picture, which is to fill the shape as a picture.

If we want to edit the vertices of the following picture:

1 insert and picture size is always the rectangle

2) Right-click picture--Copy

Right-click the rectangle--Set shape formatting--fill--picture or texture fill--clipboard

3) Set shape outline to "no outline"

Pull it off. At this point, the picture can be treated as a shape, and you can edit the vertices arbitrarily.

It should be noted that, such as any change in shape, after the change to a certain extent, the cut, as shown below, is not the right of the plum blossom has been removed.

Image editing vertices are mainly used to make the picture more three-dimensional visual sense. Of course, through three-dimensional rotation plus perspective to adjust the three-dimensional rotation of the picture, but this method is not easy to pull out the desired effect, and sometimes the picture of the light and shade has changed, the worse.

As shown below, the left side is rotated through three-dimensional, and the right is achieved by editing vertices.

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