How to effectively prevent your website from being hung black chain?

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Now black chain this industry more and more developed, selling black chain friends everywhere are, in the more famous Webmaster tools site, often can see the sale of black chain of friends hanging ads, as for their black chain is how to get it? Some are formal access, and some are illegal means to hang on the links of other people's websites, And then for sale, if the Baidu is linked to the hair of the site link it? Obviously, that will be compromised to their own site is down right, even by K, today I want to talk about is how to effectively prevent their own web site is hung black chain, below to explain how to prevent the black chain of five methods.

Check the source code of the website frequently

In general, the black chain is hung at the top of the home page, perhaps some of the sale of the black chain of friends will also like to hang on the site of the page preferences, so that you can slightly deepen a little more difficult, webmaster need to often see the source code of the site, click the site text location, right, there is a "view source file" option, point open to view If your own site has been set to prohibit the right button, you can download some of the more user-friendly browser to view the site source code.

Skillfully use webmaster tools in the "Web site Dead chain detection" function

Webmaster tools can be used in the "Site Dead chain detection" function, see all the links to the Site page, this tool can see your site inside the link to visit, you can also display all the links in the Site page, when you find that there is no well-known links, immediately take relevant measures to delete this link, there may be black chain.

Use the FTP tool to view Web site file modification times

Each site file has its own modification time, if not modified time, the system will be created in accordance with the time to display the file, if said that I now the site upload time is April 1, through the FTP tool to view, most of the documents are April 1, Suddenly see a file change time to become close to the current time, then your this file may have been moved hands and feet, has been modified file source code, hung the black chain, now you'd better download this file to the local, detailed view of the file source code there is no black chain traces. Of course, check the time, if you are asp+access site, see your database file modification time is similar to the present, you can basically ignore it, such as your website article has statistics article clicks, visitors to browse a website article, that will be written to the database, The database modification time is also modified by nature.

Frequently modify the Web site FTP user name and password

Some friends hanging in the black chain, will be through illegal means to get your website ftp password, if your FTP password set is very simple, such as "123456" and other dangerous passwords, they do not have a little security awareness, in this case, they will be better on your site "hand", We need to set a complex bit of password, can be set to uppercase, lowercase, punctuation combined password, modified at least can be safe, do not wait until the black chain was hung to remember to need to change the password, it is too late.

Skillfully use webmaster tools in the "Same IP site query" function

Through this tool, you can query to your site on the same server part of the site, if your own site is linked to the black chain, then you check the same server other sites, when you find other sites have been linked to the black chain, this time we can suspect that the problem of server security, Rather than their own web site program loopholes, now to do, is immediately contact the service provider, let him do a detailed server security policy.

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