How to elevate a normal user to root under Ubuntu

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In Ubuntu system operation, we often use the system permissions, because of insufficient permissions, resulting in some operations very troublesome. To get permission, the longest way to use is to use the sudo instruction, but it is more troublesome to use it back and forth, does it directly elevate our user rights? The answer is--yes.

    • Super terminal for Linux

    1. Open HyperTerminal, input instruction sudo gedit/etc/passwd, enter;

    2. Find the line where our user name is located, and modify the ID value of the current user inside. For example, my current user is crystal.

    3. Then find the Crystal:x:1000:1000:crystal:/home/linuxidc:/bin/bash to change two 1000 to 0.

    4. The result of the final change is:


      Finally, the Ubuntu system to log off, and then in the login username and enter your own user name and password, so landing is the root authority. This is because root has an ID value of 0.

    5. After re-login, open HyperTerminal to discover that our user rights are already root.

    • Modifying permissions is risky because everyone can make changes to your system after the change

    • To remember the user name, log out after you enter the user name

How to elevate a normal user to root under Ubuntu

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