How to eliminate computer hardware malfunction

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The main methods of computer troubleshooting include observation method, minimum system method, step-by-Step adding removal method, isolation method, substitution method, comparison method, lifting temperature method, tapping method, plugging method, cleaning method 10 kinds. These methods can easily solve some common computer failures. You are welcome to read.

  I. Observation of the Law

The observation method is to check the typical or more obvious faults by looking, listening, smelling and touching. For example, to observe whether there are sparks inside the computer, abnormal sound, plug loose, cable damage, disconnection or touch line, the components on the board are hot, burnt or damaged, the pin is broken, contact bad, virtual welding and so on. For some of the instantaneous transient fault, in addition to direct observation, you can also use the rubber hammer tapping the relevant components to see how the fault phenomenon changes to determine the fault location.

  Second, minimum system method

The minimum system method is to remove the suspected faulty board and equipment, the computer before and after the operation, to determine and locate the fault. The basic requirements for unplugging boards and devices keep the minimum configuration of the system's work in order to reduce the scope of the failure. Usually the first installation of the motherboard, memory, CPU, power, and then boot detection, if normal, then add the keyboard, display cards and monitors, if normal, then add the hard disk, expansion cards, and so on. The order of the cards and equipment is reversed. The connection plugs of the card and the equipment must be cleaned to remove the malfunction caused by bad connection.

The minimum system system is divided into 3 categories, as follows:

1. Startup type (power supply + motherboard +cpu).

2. Light type (power supply + motherboard +cpu+ memory + graphics + display).

3, into the system (Power + motherboard +cpu+ memory + graphics + Monitor + hard disk + keyboard), this time is actually a complete computer, but optical drive, printer, TV card, mouse, network card, camera, handle, etc. have not yet.

  Third, gradually add the removal method

The incremental method is based on the minimum system method, each time adding only one part/device or software to the system to check whether the symptom disappears or changes, in order to determine and locate the fault site.

Note: Gradually add the removal method with the replacement method in general, so as to accurately locate the fault site.

  Iv. Segregation Law

Isolation is a method of judging hardware or software shielding that may hinder fault diagnosis. It can be used to distinguish conflicting hardware and software from each other to determine whether a fault has changed.

The hardware and software shielding mentioned above, for the software, is to run or uninstall, for hardware, in Device Manager, disable the device, uninstall the driver, or simply remove from the system.

  V. Replacement method

Substitution means replacing a computer part that may be faulty with the same specification. If troubleshooting is replaced, then the reason for the failure is in the part being replaced.

Note: Before replacing, you must first confirm that the parts to be replaced must be in good condition and can be used normally.

  Vi. Comparative Law

Comparing with the replacement method, the use of good components and suspected faulty parts of the appearance, configuration, operating phenomenon, etc., can also be compared between the two computers, to judge the fault of the computer in the environment settings, hardware configuration differences, from the page to find the fault site.

  Seven, lifting temperature method

In the door-to-door service process, due to the limitations of the tool, you can use the rise and fall, and its use and repair workshop is different, door-to-door service in the heating method can be in the user's consent, to try to reduce the computer's ventilation capacity, increase the computer's own fever to heat up.

The cooling method is generally achieved by following several methods.

1, generally choose the environment when the temperature is lower, such as early in the morning or later.

2, so that the computer downtime 12-24 hours or more.

3, with the fan on the fault machine blowing.

  Eight, the percussion method

The percussion method is generally used to suspect that a part of the computer is in bad contact with the fault, by vibrating, proper distortion, or by tapping the parts or equipment-specific parts with a rubber hammer to reproduce the fault, thereby judging a maintenance method of the fault site.

  Ix. inserting and drawing method

Plug-and-pull method to find out the cause of the fault by inserting or unplugging the plug-in or chip. Although this method is simple, it is a very effective and common method. If the computer in a moment of "panic" phenomenon, it is difficult to determine the cause of the failure. Theoretically, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to analyze the cause of the failure. It is possible to quickly find out the cause of the failure by using the interpolation method. Unplug the plug-in in turn, and test the current state of the computer each time it is unplugged. Once you pull out a block of Plug-ins, the computer is working properly, then the reason for the failure of the plug-in on this block.

  Ten, cleaning law

Some computer malfunctions are often caused by more dust in the machine. This requires in the maintenance process, pay attention to the failure of the machine inside and outside whether there are more dust, if it is, then should first dust, and then the subsequent judgement of maintenance.

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