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Modern society people's way of entertainment can be said to be a variety of, with the increasing popularity of computers and video audio technology leaps and development, many like to sing karaoke friends like to make their own personalized karaoke songs to show their voice. Its production method is generally the first to download their favorite MP3 songs on the internet, and then the people to sing with the audio processing software to eliminate, and then through the relevant software to sing his voice to the microphone with the music after the removal of the accompaniment after recording, and finally made into a variety of audio formats, In the above steps of the most friends who have a headache is undoubtedly how to MP3 in the voice of the people as far as possible to eliminate, the following introduces several methods for you to reference.

First, with audio processing software cool Edit Pro 2.0

Open the software, its interface as shown in the picture

Click on the open function of the File menu open you want to eliminate the voice of the MP3, in the dialog box to the right there are related documents information, here we take Andy Lau's "When I Met you," as an example, click on the Open button, MP3 will automatically import into the software, as shown

At this point we need to add audio effects to eliminate the human voice, click on the Effect menu above the software to select the waveform amplitude in the channel to shrink one, as shown in the figure

Pop-up Related Settings interface, select the preset "vocal cut" one, as shown in

Click on the Preview button can be heard in real time after the effect of the human voice, in the picture on the left side of the slider can be adjusted to different songs, until the effect of their own satisfaction! OK, after the software starts processing, as shown in

After processing, save as your favorite audio format can be, as shown

Second, the use of audio processing software Goldwave

Open the Goldwave software, as shown in

Click on the Open button to open you want to eliminate the voice of music, music automatically imported into the software, click on the Effect menu in the stereo of the reduced vocals one, as shown

Pop-up Settings dialog box, as shown in

Adjust the "channel cancellation volume" and "Band-stop filter volume and range" option can be artificially adjusted to the effect, until their satisfaction, in addition to Goldwave also set several preset values for users to use, so you can save a lot of their own to adjust the time, such as figure

OK after the software will go to the music processing, after processing can be saved as their favorite music format

Third, supplies Nemo Studio 9

Open the Tiffany Studio 9 software, switch to the editing interface, then edit the interface and then switch to the audio material library, open the directory where you want to eliminate the voice of music, directly drag the music to edit the track in the audio track, as shown

At this point press the space bar can play music and import into Studio 9, and then press the space bar to stop playing, click on the Studio 9 Software Toolbox menu above the Add Audio stunt options, as shown

Pop-up Audio Stunt dialog box, as shown in

Choose the karaoke stunt in VST and make sure that after STUDIO 9 is automatically processed, you can hear the effect of eliminating the vocals, and you can also adjust the volume to achieve your own satisfactory results, as shown

As the product of the studio 9 software is a video editing software, so it does not directly output audio format features, can only output MPEG or WMV, RM and other formats, but studio 9 with a recording voice-over function, This can be played on the side of the music after the elimination of human voice directly with the barrel recording their own songs, but also save the future with other software to record their own song time, is called a blessing in disguise is not blessed Ah!

No matter what software you use, we can not adjust every mp3 to the ideal effect, to see the voice of the song and sound volume size, if you are not afraid of the trouble of the spirit, you can select a sentence of a voice block, and then mute, and many adjustments and adjustments, try to listen to listen again, this effect may be more close to your expectations .

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