How to enable the Windows UI application using the Built-in Administrator account in Windows 8

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How to enable the Windows UI application using the Built-in Administrator account in Windows 8

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It was written before, because of copyright issues, Microsoft has to change the name of Metro to Windows ui or modern UI, and it has not yet been finalized. Let's wait and see! Back to the topic, today I encountered a problem when I used Win8, prompting that "I cannot open it with the built-in Administrator Account". The mavericks are very puzzled, but I am also very clear, the so-called "built-in account" means that I switch the live account of Windows 8 to the local "offline" account, and the local account has insufficient permissions (live is also insufficient ), as a result, the Mavericks need to manually set the "Administrator identity to run this Program", Which is very inconvenient. Therefore, the Mavericks deleted all live accounts and local accounts for Windows 8 and activated the built-in system account: administrator, the "cannot open with the built-in Administrator Account" mentioned here is the same thing. How can we solve the problem that "Win8 cannot use the Built-in Administrator account to open Metro?



Press and hold the win key + R to open the running window and enter gpedit. MSC. In fact, the Local Group Policy Editor is opened and then expanded in sequence (Reprinted with the happy Bar software site ):

Computer Configuration --> Windows Settings --> Security Settings --> Local Policy --> Security Options --> find on the right --> User Account Control: administrator Approval Mode for built-in Administrator Accounts --> double-click to open the Properties window --> select "enabled" --> click "OK", and then log out of the system or restart the system to solve the problem. (For details, see) 

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