How to enable WIN10 self-tape screen recording by setting

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1, after opening the Xbox application, you can see the classic set gear icon on the left sidebar of the application, click on it, and you will find that the interface enters the setup interface and clicks the "Game DVR" tab, under which the "Use ' DVR ' recording game clips and screenshots" is opened by default.

2, since "Game DVR" under the "Use of ' DVR ' recording game clips and screen shots" is the default to open, then why press Win+g no response? You need to turn on "background recording when I play the game" under Background recording.

3, and then slide down the mouse, see "When I record the game clip my microphone recording" By default is not open, you can turn it on.

4, since has come to Win10 with the screen recording function set Center, then look at its other shortcuts, you can see Win+g is the default, you can modify it. As for the other shortcuts, also want to change to be easy to remember.

So, on the spot to test the Win+g Shortcut Bar, a press win+g shortcut key, it will emerge "do you want to open the Game Recording toolbar?" dialog box. At this point, whether you want to record the game, just click "Yes, this is a game" on it.

5, when clicked on "Yes, this is a game", the Game Recording toolbar opened, the round red dot is to start recording the key, of course, this toolbar also has screenshots, settings and other keys.

6, click on the red point of the circle to start recording keys, "Game Recording toolbar" will become as shown in the image of a small section of the red area, time to go.

7, when you need to finish recording, click on the red area of the above picture, then the lower right corner prompts "game clips have been recorded";

8, for recorded clips or screenshots of the location of the storage path can be set up in the "game DVR" in the "Save capture" in the view, you can also press "open folder" open the folder.

9. Press "open folder" to open the folder where you have recorded clips or screenshots, and you can see the video files previously recorded.

10, test the playback, picture quality is relatively clear, if there is a higher definition requirements, you can go to the setting of the video and the resolution of the video to choose "High".

Attention matters

1, this screen recording can be recorded up to 2 hours.

2, if you press Win+g failed to open, try to "background recording" under the "when I play the game background recording" Open.

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