How to encrypt and decrypt files with Super Encryption 3000

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The software is a powerful, safe and efficient, easy-to-use data encryption and protection software. It has super fast and strongest folder, file encryption function, data protection function, folder, file shredding and folder camouflage functions.

  1. Running Software

Double-click the icon on the desktop or click "start → program → Super encryption 3000→ Super Encryption 3000" to run the software. Access to the main software interface.

The Super encryption 3000 interface is somewhat similar to the Resource manager interface, which looks very concise and features buttons at a glance above. The directory tree space on the left and the content space on the right side of the directory make the file selection very convenient.

  Second, 蔠 level encryption 3000 one of the features of disk protection

The software also provides disk protection features, especially the USB disk or mobile hard disk data features very good. So when we leave the computer, we can prevent other users from stealing USB disk and other devices on the data.

Click on the "Disk Protection" button, in the pop-up dialog box, select Add the partition you want to protect the letter. Under this interface, the program also specifically for mobile devices to provide "prohibit the use of USB devices" and "read-only using U disk, Mobile disk" two special protection features, if you choose the former, the U disk will be hidden and prohibit the use. Select the latter, other users can only browse the file on U disk, can not add files to the U disk.

蔠-level Encryption 3000 interface is simple and easy to use. It is really a powerful file encryption software and folder encryption software, especially its mobile encryption function is very practical, its additional functions are more practical projects.

  Third, the function of the two folder protection

Data protection prevents important data from being artificially deleted, copied, moved, and renamed.

Click the Folder Protection button in the main window of the software to eject the Folder Protection window, and then, depending on your needs, you can "add password", "Hide", "disguise", and so on for your chosen folder. For example: If you want to add a password to a folder, click the "Folder plus password" button, and then select the folder in the Directory Selection window and enter the password.

Among them: folder with password, open this folder in My computer, need data correct password to open, use finished, will automatically restore to add password State, need not add password again.

Folder hidden, disappeared without a trace, not through the software can not find and open. When used, in the Folder Protection window, select the hidden folder record, and then click on "Open Folder" can be used, will automatically revert to the hidden state, no need to hide again.

  Iv. Data Shredding

The data shredding function of the software can remove the data that you want to delete but is afraid to be recovered by someone else with data recovery software after deletion.

In the Software window to select the data you want to smash the deletion, and then click the Software window in the "Data Smash" button, in the pop-up confirmation window, click "Yes" to smash delete your selected data.

  Five: Encrypt data

This software uses the Advanced encryption algorithm, truly achieves the ultra high encryption intensity, lets your encrypted file and the encrypted folder airtight, and the speed also express, each second can encrypt the 25-50m data.

There are two ways to encrypt data:

Method 1: In the Software window of the file browsing control Select to encrypt the file or encrypted folder, and then click the "Data Encryption" button, enter the encryption password Click "OK" can be.

Tip: To keep in mind the password you set, do not encrypt the data and system data that you are using.

Method 2: In My Computer, right-click to encrypt folders or encrypted files, select "Super Encryption" in the pop-up menu, enter the encryption password, select the Encryption Type (Reference dialog box Help), click "OK" to complete the encryption

Decrypting data

There are two ways to decrypt it: one is to open only the encrypted data, and the other is to decrypt it completely.

Double-click the encrypted file or encrypted folder on my computer and the Password Entry dialog box will pop up and enter the correct password to open the file. After the use is completed, the encrypted data is automatically restored to the encrypted state without further encryption.

If we want to completely decrypt the data, simply select the data to decrypt in the Software window, then click the "Data Decryption" button, in the pop-up dialog box, enter the password click "OK".

In addition, when encrypting, we can select the type of encryption as "mobile encryption", so that the folder and file can be encrypted directly into the EXE executable file. This allows for "mobile encryption", which encrypts important data in this way and then uses it in a network or some other way without the "Super Encryption 3000" machine installed.

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