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Before doing the website, generally will make an estimate of the flow rate of the keyword. And usually used to do this reference value is the Baidu index. But the webmaster index webmaster will know that Baidu index with the actual flow of the difference is too far. Sometimes a word of tens of thousands of indices, the first is not 1000 of the flow. Baidu official also officially explained Baidu Index does not mean the search volume. and plus a variety of third-party "Baidu weight" of the appearance, brush Baidu index More and more people, which caused the data of the virtual high. How to better judge the key words of the approximate flow?

One, to eliminate the suspicion of being brushed off

Use Baidu Index query keywords. Then in the Baidu index of the numerical table below, the time period to pull to a longer position. This allows you to see the changes in the keyword index in recent years. As long as it is not a new hot keyword, normal words should not rise and fall too exaggerated. As long as it is in a certain period of ups and downs, that word is being brushed suspicion is very large. These peaks are generally removed, and the estimated stationary values are closer to the original index.


Ii. approximate value: A reasonable comparison with a variety of tools

Brush Baidu Index After all can only cheat some data. Under many tools, still can show the prototype, as long as good at using a variety of keyword query tools, but also can be well estimated.

The first is Baidu auction background can search keyword searches, this number is actually better than Baidu index, but it is not very accurate, if there have been cast Baidu bid, with Baidu bidding test should be the most accurate, but this cost is too high. The second is Google's keyword tools, Google's keyword tools are generally more accurate. But because the gap between Google and Baidu traffic is too large, the data found to do a multiplication. If you have done the relevant industry sites, according to the source of the Web site traffic to calculate the flow between Google and Baidu, and then through Google's keyword data to calculate Baidu's keyword flow. Now in addition to these tools, there are some very useful tools, through which they can not only query the information, but also have more and richer data for reference. You need to be able to find out for yourself.


Third, through the ranking site to assist the estimation

Data is after all data, there are too many gaps. It is possible to know the estimated number by the above. As long as the first few sites through the keyword ranking, you can estimate the approximate number of more accurate. Although according to various keyword rankings of different rankings of the click, but for most keywords, the first click is often accounted for the number of 70% above the search.

If the first is a home page, but also the keyword as the home page. Can query the site Alexa look, and then according to the corresponding ranking and the approximate flow to do comparison. A 10,000 search volume of keywords ranked first, the site Alexa will not be in the million bar. Of course a website keyword too much, this can not be used as an accurate numerical value, but this is similar, but you put the site to do it this position, you also have about the same amount of long tail words, so this data for you is still very reference. And if the first is a content page, and the content is the kind of page with click Statistics. Well, congratulations, that's enough for you to be accurate. All you have to do is write down the current value and then look at the new number at the same time the next day, and subtract it. There are a number of similar methods, such as the forum can see the online numbers of forums, some sites will be the current online data to the site and so on. More research in the first few sites of various information, is able to better calculate the accuracy of the keyword traffic.

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