How to evaluate ionic and react native?

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Q: What's the best choice for developing Hybird apps? Is it ionic or react native?
How to evaluate ionic and react native?


I am optimistic about the React department, react system to correct posture, focus on doing the right thing, the future bright, there is not much to blow

I am angular black, Google is a Java company, angular born posture is very problematic (let Java development can also quickly develop the front end), angular very good to achieve his purpose, so that front-end development looks like the back end, But the problem is that front-end development is the front-end development, do not learn the front-end development is never good. Backend development does not learn the front-end development, angular can do some of the original front-end can do things, but really maintenance up, performance up, the result is directly dumbfounded. And the real front-end development will have to spend a lot of effort to understand the angular for the back-end development comfortable and engage in a large number of complex mechanisms, in order to "correctly develop with angular." Angular new version of the direct face to confirm my statement, they realized that their posture has problems, so began to painful transformation, as to the effect, I have not studied the new version of the angular, but the individual pessimistic attitude.

As for Ionic vs React-native, I think put aside my prejudice to angular not mention also completely no more than, the difference is not much development cost, one to do out is hybrid, another to do is Native. Aside from the development cost of the time, native than hybrid good should be no doubt it.

In addition, and I just like the analysis, you have to put these frameworks in his father's case to consider, Facebook is mobile to do HTML5 do hybrid, the results of performance is not good then the app side announced native, and then react is they do the site when open source, After the react fire, they made a react-native. Facebook must have studied ionic, who were the oldest practitioners of H5 and hybrid apps, so at least Facebook believes that Ionic and H5 hybrid themselves can't meet their needs before they get react-native. If the development cost of react-native and ionic similar (actually I think react should be low), really do not have any reason to use ionic

How to evaluate ionic and react native?

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