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I accidentally found that thinkphp released the beta version of thinkphp5.0 on the official website, but I did not find the official documentation. I wonder who has used or read the source code? I accidentally found that thinkphp released the beta version of thinkphp5.0 on the official website, but I did not find the official documentation. I wonder who has used or read the source code? Reply: the unit test is finally available, which is worthy of recognition
Since the rewrite, have embraced the psr-4, PSR-7 can also consider a bit
Loader. php can be written to the composer. json file autoload, so that as long as require 'vendor/autoload. php' is automatically loaded together.

After reading the code, the basic abstraction and encapsulation are still incorrect, such as Model. php.

In summary, the project has been improved, and the technical progress has not yet been improved. ThinkPHP5 is a new version.

1. support for Composer and PHPunit (mandatory dependency management and testing framework for medium and large projects)
2. use the same class inertia loading as yii2 (high performance)
3. I have made a lot of reference to Laravel's style and ensured that ThinkPHP was easy to learn (elegant and easy to learn)
4. introduced the Traits extension of the php5.4 feature (multi-inheritance, formerly associated models, mixed view models)
5. Finally, we have followed the SRS specifications! Finally, we have followed the DSRs! Finally, we have followed the DSRs!
Comply with the PSR-4 automatic loading specifications (specifically written to the CI party: PSR-4 is the namespace automatic loading specifications OH)
6. in the past, the single-letter global function was changed to an alias function (M, D, S, C, etc., which is easy to learn and easy to use and will not pollute the Global)
7. compatible with php 7 and hhvm
Currently, tp5 has released RC2, which provides stable and reliable support for your project.
Official documentation: [ThinkPHP5.0 full Development Manual]
1. tp5 released RC3 and restructured the Model class (similar to Laravel)
2. the automatic verification is reconstructed. the current automatic verification is independent of the validators and supports new features such as scenarios.
3. discard the single letter function, yes. M, D, you can't find it again. 3.2.3 it's impossible to upgrade without any pain. However, you can use the helper. php file to name the alias functions of M and D.
4. the accessor, modifier, and automatic type conversion will not be detailed.

Reply, tp5 is too like laravel and does not need comments like "shanzhai" laravel.
Tp5 does imitate laravel to some extent, but there is no plagiarism. It makes things easier to use and more suitable for Chinese developers. for new users, both the learning curve and the development efficiency are more complicated and bloated than these frameworks.

ThikPHP 5 official discussion QQ group: 50546480 (for fear of using v5, you can't hold it by yourself. this is a group of comrades-in-arms)

ThinkPHP, which is still using version 3.2.3, is upgraded quickly. a large number of new php features will make you discover the New World. ThinkPHP 5 supports php7, and version 5.6 is recommended, with a minimum compatibility of 5.4.

If you are still using ThinkPHP3.2.3 in the php5.3 environment, changing to ThinkPHP5 of php5.6 will directly double the performance and change to php7.

Note: nginx is running smoothly because apache changes from php5.2/3 to php5.6. Tp is useless during this period of time, but I think tp5.0 is always easy to use and easy to learn. it conforms to the characteristics of Chinese people's thinking. Then, let's look at the manual. now we use the design pattern of lazy loading (that is, loading dependencies when any dependency is used, without loading), which can significantly improve the application execution speed, this improves the performance. The debugging logs and information are added, which is more friendly to developers.
In general, the progress is not small, but I still don't look forward to using composer to manage dependencies. Some people say thinkphp 5 is very similar to Laravel, but it is just a little like laravel. What is laravel's core? Is an IoC container, but tp5 does not implement these modes at all, so it can only look like. As soon as I knew that TP5 was available, I pulled the source code and scanned it roughly. TP5 is a bit on the right track, such as using composer, psr4, phpunit, and php_codesniffer. However, the source code in multiple places violates the original intention of introducing composer (because, TP has not provided all components separately yet, which is a historical issue ).

It will be supplemented later, and tp5.

No matter what the framework is, whether it is good or bad, in China, if there is a community like TP willing to share, I support it. I suggest the placeholder attitude. I am using it. it may be that the document is still being improved. many methods can only be used to check the source code. for a framework product user, no surprises compared with 3.2. The release of TP5.0 will inevitably make laravel party uncomfortable, tp is a well-recognized domestic php framework with high development efficiency and various intimacy. This 5.0 version is currently on the sidelines and may be used in new projects, first, I declare that I am also a loyal user of laravel. I have done a lot of projects using the laravel framework. the advantages and disadvantages of both are evaluated comprehensively. THINKPHP has always been my preferred framework. from thinkphp1.0 to 3.2.3, we can say that every version is improving. I haven't seen the code in 5.0, but I'm looking forward to it. The small Chinese php companies basically use thinkphp. I used thinkphp for two years and finally switched to CI,
But wish him a smooth development! Thank you for inviting me. I never used it.
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