How to expand partition capacity in Linux

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Fedoa has been used for so long, and it is getting slower and slower for windows. Although server is used, I know the main cause is the garbage Kingsoft, but I still think windows is slow.

However, fedora is also bloated. Compared with the previous redhat9, I have used 6 GB hard disks for the redhat9, and the first 7 GB is obviously not enough. OK, then, expand the capacity. To be honest, it is really inconvenient to scale up only the shard/AND/swap shards like me, and there is not much information on the Internet, they all mount/usr,/home, or other directories to a new partition, and then modify the fstab content for resizing. For me, I don't know much about linux file systems, not feasible. Then, you only need to study the resizing method.

Before resizing, of course, we need to back up linux first. At that time, we were not optimistic about the network speed only when we installed several hundred update packages, i'm so depressed. Here I used image for win for backup. Forgive me. I didn't use tar for backup. I think it is too troublesome and not intuitive. Anyway, I will eventually coexist with two systems, I will back up data directly in windows. Software: downloaded to the toolsdirectory. There are other software in it. You can try again.

The software is easy to use. Study it by yourself. skip this step.

After the backup is complete, take a substantive step and divide the disk space. My main partitions are as follows:

/Dev/sda1 C drive NTFS

/Dev/sda5 SWAP


/Dev/sda7 F disk NTFS this is the system disk of WINDOWS2003 (common practices make the system disk always not in the C disk, but it is also good and easy to repair)

I formatted 3G space from drive d into ext3, but it cannot be merged because it is not adjacent to the linux primary partition. Well, copy it to the adjacent location, here I am using acronis disk ctor powerful and very dangerous software, which is due to a problem in the future. I copied 3G space to the adjacent location of the/partition. In fact, disk director created an ext3 partition in the adjacent location, so my partition becomes like this, if you have experience, you can see that windows cannot be started. yes, the partition location of windows has changed, but the boot information has not changed, so it is clear that my windows cannot be started. Fortunately, there is a small problem. Find a 2003 system disk and use the console to fix the boot. Repair Process: Go to the repair console and enter bootcfg/rebuild or bootcfg/add, the former is reconstruction, the latter is addition, and the effects are the same (basically the same ). After the repair, all readers will be depressed immediately, because I have not done any more.

Don't worry, don't be too good, recently busy, don't have time to toss my system, so it will be done later. After all, I still need to use fedora after going home, if you are interested or are not in urgent need, you can send a message to Baidu. You can tell you the solution in advance. In addition, the above operations do not damage the fedora system. fedora starts everything normally.

Yesterday, we finally took the most critical step. It was actually very technical.

I deleted the linux/partition and moved a 6 GB idle disk to/adjacent (how to use disk ctor ), then, the 6 GB empty disk is merged into the space of the/partition (this step is too large .), In this way, the linux partition will reach 13 Gb. Well, okay, then my grub will naturally go down.

Continue, grub is not bad, but when I used disk ctor, I lost/partition data. The idea of resizing without loss failed, but the restoration should continue, first, use grub to Boot windows

Rootnoverify (hd0, 0)

Chainloader + 1


Start windows and use image for win to restore the fedora backup to/partition. Well, it takes some time.

I am a sad spliter

First, I must say sorry to the one who read the passage, I am so sorry that my method had failed and I lost all my data of fedora (data of windows is OK ), so here I wana warn the one who wana expand his/patition being very carefull to operate, otherwise, you will lose you linux like me. I am so sad that I had destroyed my MBR, and more sadly I don't have a tool disk even. though, I have to install a ubuntu on my harddisk (I have only a ubuntu), so I get a grub again, but I don't even have a Inpu method, that is reason why I wrote this sector in English. iam sorry and I am sad, so sad, I will reinstall my fedora later .........

PS: ubuntu is so hard to operate, I am still like fedora, oh yeah

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