How to extend laptop battery life

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1 Adjust the brightness of your laptop screen

Like a cell phone, a large portion of the battery is used for on-screen display. So using a darker screen is the simplest and most effective way to make the battery last longer.

Most notebooks have a brightness adjustment key, the previous notebook needs to press the "Fn" key (function key) and the manufacturer's own set of brightness adjustment keys, and now the Windows System notebook only light press F5 or F6 can be, the MacBook is the corresponding settings F1 and F2 key. (Of course you can also directly adjust the notebook power options)

2 Close the unnecessary background program

When your computer starts, it automatically runs a lot of programs, and sometimes you don't even notice. Some of these programs are necessary, while others can be completely closed. These programs are virtually eating some of the power, so we can click on the lower right corner of the screen "Show hidden icon" arrow to see the background run. You can also use Ctrl + Alt + delet to open Task Manager, see which processes are consuming too much resources, and make sure that it is not necessary to run.

3 when not in use, let your notebook into sleep or hibernation state

When we use a notebook, we often have to leave the seat for some time. If you have not made the settings, the screen will remain lit during this period, and the latter program will continue to run. So even if you're not doing anything with your laptop for a while, you're still consuming the battery. So the next time you leave for a short time, click Start Menu > Power > Sleep/Hibernate first. The operation takes only a few seconds, but allows you to take a short break from your notebook.

4 When you do not need to turn off the keyboard backlight

If you want to conserve electricity, you'd better turn off the keyboard backlight. When you are in sufficient light, you can completely turn off the backlight through the backlight of your notebook. Despite the loss of cool effect, but this can be virtually to help you extend the battery life.

5 Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection

If you don't use your laptop's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth feature frequently, you can save power by disabling the connection. If you turn on this feature, it will continue to look for available credits until the connection is successful ...

You can turn off the feature manually by using "Fn" with the key combination, or by clicking on the Wi-Fi signal icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. (Some notebooks also have function switches on the fuselage, which can be controlled directly)

6 Unplug the USB device

You may not realize that keeping a link to a USB device will also speed up your power consumption. Mobile hard disk, external keyboard and so as long as you do not use, please unplug it from the USB interface. Your laptop itself also has the option of restricting the use of USB power. To think about this option, simply right-click the battery icon in the lower-right corner of the screen and turn on power options. From the Power Options menu, click Advanced Options to locate the USB section to set up.

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