How to extract MP3 in network video

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Tools/raw Materials

1. First download potato video download tool: Itudou;

2. Or use Flvxz URL to extract, download flv and some flv turn mp3

3. Beijing Love Story Theme song


1. Open the video site, search "Beijing love Story", try to store the video in the flv form to the local.

Method One: Use the video website to provide the downloading tool, for example the Tudou provides a version Itudou (version may update).

Method Two: Use the FLVXZ to extract the FLV file address, and then save it to the local with the saved method.

2. Extract MP3 files from the FLV format file saved to the local through the conversion tool.

The main simple introduction uses "The Moon flv turns mp3" This software transforms into MP3.

Download Moon flv software

Open the Moon FLV and set the store address of the converted song in the target folder column.

Click the "Add" button to extract the "Beijing Love Story" theme song extract file. Then click on "Convert" to see the FLV format file in a moment becomes MP3 format.

Tip: The principle of this operation is to use some means to save the video in flv form, and then extract the music files using the FLV conversion MP3 tool.

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