How to extract resources and files from the Cocos iOS app app and game installation package

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Usually play mobile phone, see the iOS app many good picture material, there is a wood has very heart, is not want to the picture resources of the use, namely can practiced hand, can improve their own aesthetics 0-0, increase the beauty value of the app. Of course, please do not use for commercial purposes. Development software is not easy, pirated easily, the same as the program ape everyone can not hurt each other ah. As a technical research is good, do not do bad things yo.

1. Software download

The following is a Mac-side software that makes it easy to export picture footage from an IPA downloaded in itunes. I also stumbled on GitHub on this project, the author is Fujian Xiamen people are also.

Send it to GitHub address: ios-images-extractor, because GitHub Internet speed may not be very good, paste the resources I moved over:

Software Source: Click to download

Mac under DMG format installation package:

2. Software use 2.1 Download app install package

Open itunes

2.2 Using tools to get picture resources

Open the downloaded Iosimagesextractor software

How to extract resources and files from the Cocos iOS app app and game installation package

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