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Now more and more enterprises and companies involved in the concept of the pass, then what should pass in the end? What kind of pass is simple and can meet the needs of users? The author selected several mainstream Internet products to do a brief analysis:

Sina Net:

(Sina pass Structure chart)

Sina Registration Pass: The author wants to register a member on Sina Net, but the homepage of Sina NET page does not find the member registration button at the top. If you have to find the member registration on the first page, then go to the bottom of the page. There is another way is to enter the wrong username and password on the homepage Click Login, you can jump to the login interface, in the login interface you can choose member registration.

First of all, the Sina NET uses the mailbox as the landing name, the user registers must fill in the Sina mailbox the mailbox, otherwise will prompt "The mailbox name cannot contain the special character". At this point you will exclude the reason for the unsuccessful registration, is it wrong to enter the character? The whole corner and all of them tried again, and the result failed. Careful you will find in the top of a small hint message "tip: If you have a common mailbox, can also be used to register Sina members." ”。 It means that the default registration interface you have to use the Sina mailbox. If you have to use other email reception prompts you to include special characters in your mailbox.

Ps: Estimated Sina Mail team will have the number of new users KPI. In this way, under the premise of affecting user experience, it is not advisable to goose eggs.

Secondly, set the security information, require the user to fill in "Password, confirm password, secret guarantee Authentication" are required fields.

Again, fill in "personal nickname"

Finally, enter the verification code to complete the registration

Sina's registration Form 7, compared to the existing Internet product comparison registration process slightly more complicated, but Sina has a very smart way, is the value of our learning, using the split line, the seven forms using the Split method, divided into 4. And at this point to the user caused the feeling only need to fill out 4 forms, will reduce the psychological burden of users.

Enter the Pass pop-up window to prompt the binding of mobile phones and bound mailboxes. Choose to enter sub items such as: Sina blog tip "Your blog has not yet opened, only one step can open your personal blog", the nickname "blog name, nickname and privacy settings" can be opened blog. Enter micro-blog tip "Sina email account (can not be modified), gender, location and verification code, you can open microblogging."

Sohu Network:

1. What is Sohu Pass?

Sohu Pass is you swim and use the Sohu matrix all products identity account. Passport login name is now supported by Sohu Mailbox, other email account and mobile phone number

2. What is the use of Sohu Pass?

Today's internet due to the rapid growth of products, services and so on, a Web site's products, all platform performance layer independent (registration interface), the data bottom coupling (user basic information & perfect information)

3. What is the use of Sohu Pass?

Sohu Pass is to visit the key to Sohu many services, only need to log in once, you can roam in the service of Sohu. These services include Sohu White society, microblogging, blogs, Chinaren alumni, Sohu Community, focus on real estate forum.

4. What is a multiple account connection?

Sohu Pass Multiple Account Association, is for the use of multiple Sohu pass account and each account under the user has a different product application of the introduction of a service. Users can use an account (cell phone number) to initiate the association of a product service to their original commonly used in other Sohu account, so that the implementation of this account login, enter the product service is performed in the name of the associated account

5. How to do multiple account correlation?

Please go to Sohu Pass home, in the multi-account management list, select the product service to associate with other accounts, and enter the correct user name password of the associated account number to associate successfully. At the same time, you can change, disassociate. After the association is successful, the product services shown by each account login are still Independent

6. Sohu-Personal Center

Users can choose from the homepage of Sohu to enter the pass and personal center, pass main assume the function of related account, change password, personal information revise, retrieve password and so on. Sohu Personal Center mainly undertakes the interaction with the subproject, the user only can enjoy a variety of service in the personal center, sends the blog, sends the microblog, uploads the photograph. Change password jump to Sohu pass user in the user Center operation, such as Post blog, the system will automatically generate the current no nickname of the user generated a nickname

NetEase Pass:

From the structure diagram can be seen, NetEase pass information Structure more reasonable

Pass Main interface: converged NetEase Service

Account Management: Modify NetEase pass basic information

Secret Insurance Management: Account security information settings, set protection, and NetEase game password card.

NetEase gives the commonly used mailbox form, does not restrict the user to use other mailbox registration, the user uses any mailbox registration NetEase Pass, on the right side of the form will have a section to prompt the information "You may also use NetEase Mailbox registration account", this has done is much better than Sina's experience. The only difference is that you have to activate the other mailboxes before you can enjoy advanced services. If you use NetEase Mailbox Registration activation This step can be omitted. This can to a certain extent motivate users to use NetEase mailbox, obviously product designers design products, has taken into account this!

Successful registration will pop up a prompt page, tell the user the mailbox account, can be used as NetEase pass. And can be associated with other mailboxes.

Enter user name & password, directly into NetEase Pass, pop-up window prompts perfect information.

NetEase registration process and Sina similar, but one for business purposes, the other takes care of user habits

Grand Pass:

Grand integration of a number of services, with a grand pass can be in all supporting products without the need to register directly login, games, applications, services, one-step, to provide you with the most convenient, support a variety of registration methods, mobile phone, mailbox, pass account. Shanda to provide its services to the aggregation of the Royal Pass, and provide account maintenance, security certification, password back and other functions.

Based on the above, we summarize the following:

With the diversification of network products, an Internet company has not only independent operation of a product, at least a variety of products, services in the increase to a certain extent, the user management of so many products account number, password will be very cumbersome, so it produced a pass, that is, the product account unified processing, user-friendly management. Pass now when the network to meet any operation, a verification of the entire network, you can realize the password binding functions, users need to log on once, you can access all the sites under the service.

There are two things we need to consider:

If the company's future product diversification, and provide different types of services, we recommend each product have an independent user center, user-friendly management of different types of personal information.

If the company's products in the future single, the provision of services related to the secret connection, it is recommended to share a user center, the information inside a network traffic.

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