How to fix an XP system corrupted Tcpip.sys file

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How to fix an XP system corrupted Tcpip.sys file

Through the test check, found the failure performance is as follows:

1. Use the cmd command to enter DOS after entering Ipconfig/all carriage return display as follows:

Windows IP Configuration

An internal error occurred: request not supported.

Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for further help. Additional information:unable to query host name.

2. The local connection shows "connected", but the traffic is zero. The detail status of the connection is blank;

3. Use the command prompt to enter "ping" to get the following information: C:documents and settingsnewuser>ping to contact IP driver, error Code 2

If your computer does not get online and the same prompts, you may be experiencing the same kind of failure.

Failure Analysis:

It should be caused by the inability to surf the internet after modifying the number of connections. and modify the number of connections patch will modify the Tcpip.sys file, will it be damaged or lost the file caused by network failure?


Use flash memory to replace the native C from other Tcpip.sys files in the C:windowssystem32drivers directory that are in the same computer as the native operating system. Windowssystem32driverstcpip.sys file, and then restart the computer, you can go online again.

Summary: Patches that modify the number of TCP/IP connections do modify the Tcpip.sys file, and most patches back up the original Tcpip.sys file to the same directory before modifying the operation. If the modification fails, just find the backup file (such as Tcpip.sys.bak) and restore it.

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