How to fix startproject MySite cannot create a file under Window

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Author: User startproject MySite In Window no matter how I try, can not create, always jump out of a

#!c:\python27\python.exefrom django.core Import managementif __name__ = = "__main__": Management.execute_from_command_ Line ()

Pop-up window, this section of the implementation of the parameters of the problem. Sick of it.

Finally on-line to check and modify the registry, but also the path to add C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\django\bin (no way to modify the registry online).

Finally found a solution.

Python startproject mysite should be this command.

Hey, don't say it's off. Brother's going home to play lol.

Today solved two questions, happy

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How to fix startproject MySite cannot create a file under Window

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