How to fix Win8 System file corruption or loss

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Method Steps

1, first use the shortcut key "Ctrl+f" to open the search, and then enter "CMD" and as an administrator to open a command prompt window.

2, then enter "Sfc/scannow" in the Command Prompt window and click Enter.

3. After the command sfc/scannow is executed, all protected system files are scanned and the cached copy in the%windir%system32dllcache compressed folder replaces the corrupted file. The%WinDir% placeholder represents the Windows operating system folder. such as C:windows.

4, in the verification process requires a certain amount of time, verify that 100% complete, do not close the command Prompt window, the results will be displayed after the end of the process.

After the scan completes, the following messages typically appear:

1. Windows Resource protection cannot find any integrity conflicts, which means that there are no missing or corrupted system files.

2. Windows resource Protection cannot perform the requested operation, to resolve the problem, execute the System File Checker in Safe mode and ensure that the Pendingdeletes and Pendingrenames folders exist under%windir%winsxstemp.

3. Windows resource protection found corrupted files and successfully repaired them, with the details included on the CBS. In Log%windir%logscbscbs.log, to view detailed information about system file scans and restores, you must first view the details of the System File Checker process.

4, Windows resource protection found corrupted files but could not repair some files. Details are included with the CBS. In Log%windir%logscbscbs.log.

If the user is unable to fix it through the SFC File Checker, you can also try to use the DISM command, which requires networking.

Run the following command as an administrator: Dism.exe/online/cleanup-image/scanhealth

Note: This command indicates that all system files are scanned and compared to the official system files


Note: This command means that the different system files are restored to the official system source files, similar to the reload system.

The advantage of this approach is that after fixing those system files, it will be restored to the official version of the source files, only system files, other Third-party software and user settings are fully retained, of course, it will take 15-20 minutes.

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