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How do I convert a PDF to a Word document? As we all know, now on the Internet to find a resource quite simple, we directly in the Baidu Library or Sina network disk search, you can find a variety of download resources, but sometimes we will encounter some problems. Small series of things to take before the case, the small series wanted to find a C-language answer, then searched for a long time finally found the relevant download resources, can download the small series suddenly found that the resource is a PDF format, small series is difficult to directly copy the content of the use, This gadget can only be used to convert PDFs into editable Word documents. So what's the way to use it?

At that time, small series through the introduction of friends to understand the rapid PDF conversion to Word converter, but also through the converter to easily solve the problem of PDF conversion to Word documents, the following small part of this software to share to everyone, hope can also bring you help.

Quick PDF Conversion to Word Converter interface concise and easy to use, it can help users quickly batch to convert PDF documents to Word editable format documents, conversion quickly and occupy less system resources, conversion effect is quite excellent, the text image content, etc. are consistent with the original document, The function is very powerful.

  PDF conversion to Word document Tutorial:

The first step, we turn on the computer installed in the Quick PDF conversion to Word converter, you can see the software is arranged on the left 10 kinds of conversion mode, here we should choose "File to Word" conversion mode.

Second step, click the "Add Files" button, in the pop-up window to find the PDF to convert, click on the "Open" button to add it to the software. You can also drag and drop the distribution room file to the top of the software to add.

The third step is to set the location where the transform files are saved. Here we can save the converted file in the original folder, or you can customize the folder storage path.

Fourth, click the "Start Conversion" button at the bottom right of the software to convert the file, the software conversion speed is very fast, the user waits a moment. The conversion completion prompt is displayed when the conversion is complete, where the user can find the converted Word document in the storage location of the settings.

Fifth step, compare PDF and convert Word documents to see the conversion effect of quick PDF conversion to Word Converter. We can see the software conversion effect is very good, there is no garbled, incomplete situation.

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