How to convert a PDF to a picture online

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Although the PDF file is more common, but there is no PDF file on the computer device reading tools, so when you send some documentation, if the document is in PDF format, you can convert it to a picture file, so that it can be viewed on any device, and the content will not be modified. Converting PDFs to images can be done online.
Use the online pdf-to-image tool to find pdf-to-pdf conversions in the first category of Office documents and PDFs, which is the last option, click to go to the next action page.
Follow the instructions described in the "Select File" and "Start converting", click Select Select File, in the "Open" window select the local computer needs to convert the PDF file, the selected file will be displayed in the page list.
Then the direct point to start the conversion, and then wait for the file to be processed automatically, below will show the current document operation status, Operation status has "upload file, upload complete, start conversion, conversion complete" these several, wait until the conversion completes the achievement represents the file conversion good.
After the conversion is good, the file will appear after the download button, click can be converted to complete the picture compression package to download to the local, after the decompression can be.
Online conversion is generally suitable for small document conversion, the document is too large not only in the conversion to take too much time to process, and also have the upload and download time, so online conversion generally only 2M of the following documents to work, to deal with some large documents can install conversion tools, so processing files is more convenient.

How to convert a PDF to a picture online

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