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Q: When I add some websites to my favorites, a special icon is displayed in my favorites. I also want to add a logo representing my personal homepage on the webpage. How does this icon work?

A: Internet Explorer 5.0 provides a new feature that allows web designers to design their own website URL icons. That is, in front of the address bar of Internet Explorer and in the Favorites folder, the icons you designed are displayed instead of the default Internet Explorer icons. To display your own icons in the URL bar, follow these steps:
Make your own icons first. You can use any graphic design program to create your icons, or you can find the icons you want from the image library, network, and other places, the size of this icon must be 16x16 pixels, otherwise it may not be displayed. Although Internet Explorer requires that the size of 16x16 be used, the size of 32x32 can also be used.

Next, we need to link the icon to the webpage. There are two ways to implement the link icon.

The first method is to put the delimiter together ). In this way, Internet Explorer 5.0 will automatically read this favicon. ico and display this icon.

Method 2: add the link command to the HTML file of the homepage. <link> it is placed between

<Link rel = "shortcut icon" HREF = "http: // youricon. ico">
<TITLE> webpage teaching network-a professional webpage teaching site </TITLE>

"HREF = http: // youricon. ico> "is just an example. You just need to replace" http: // "with your URL and" youricon. replace ico with your ICO file name. In this way, only when a user adds your website to the Favorites folder of Internet Explorer and re-opens the Internet Explorer browser will the icons you create be displayed.

Tips: If you do not want your Internet Explorer to display icons created by these websites in your favorites, clear History after adding them to your favorites. After you re-open the Internet Explorer browser, the self-created icons will disappear and be restored to the default icons of Internet Explorer.

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