How to encrypt a mobile hard drive

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More trojans and viruses are beginning to spread through the mobile hard disk or USB flash drive, the data inside the mobile hard disk becomes not so safe, ordinary antivirus software is difficult to solve the virus inside the mobile hard disk. So how do we protect the data in the mobile hard disk security? I give you a solution-mobile hard disk encryption.

Mobile hard disk encryption is not a very advanced technology, just a little bit to move the mouse settings can be achieved. This method is passed by the Windows operating system test under NTFS file format.

The principle of mobile hard disk encryption

NTFS is a high-level file system that provides security, reliability, and support for Winnt or later versions. In Win2000 and WinXP, NTFS can also provide advanced features such as file and folder permissions, encryption, disk quotas, and compression. Using NTFS to provide encryption function and system digital certificate can achieve high-level encryption of data.

NTFS format for mobile hard disk encryption

You can encrypt all files within a partition if the partition is formatted as NTFS.

Select the removable hard drive letter or folder to encrypt, right-click, properties, General-Advanced, tick the "Encrypt content to protect data" checkbox at the bottom of the page, make sure it is three times in a row, EFS encryption is fast and can no longer be accessed on other computers.

Specific operation as shown:

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