How to recover files deleted by mistake

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How to recover the deleted files, after emptying the Recycle Bin files, the files will be completely deleted on the computer. So how to restore the empty Recycle Bin file? Many friends have the habit of cleaning up the Recycle Bin files regularly, but it is easy to delete the useful files that were mistakenly deleted from the Recycle Bin.


How to recover deleted files, when we use computers, mobile phones, cameras or other devices, often because of the rush to ease the media storage pressure and completely remove some of the potentially important files, resulting in regret after discovery. Files have been deleted, I believe many users want to timely repair back. Therefore, the best approach at this time is to use data recovery software to recover data that has been lost.

Method One:

Recycle Bin Restore Recovery method:

In the deletion process will be mistakenly deleted some of the more important information, at this time, many friends for how to recover accidentally deleted files are more concerned about. Next, let's introduce you: How to recover deleted files.

First, you create a new folder, put it in a file.


2. Then open the folder, find the file just put in, right-click Delete the file, and refresh to ensure that it has been deleted.


3. After deletion, find the Recycle Bin on our computer desktop, find the Recycle Bin to open, you will see the deleted files are lying inside.


4. Finally use the mouse to select the files that need to be restored, right click Restore can be restored well.


Method Two:

Recycle Bin Revocation Recovery method:

Open the Deleted Files folder, and then right mouse button, choose to undo the deletion or directly press the shortcut CTRL + Z, the file is restored intact. This is the quickest way to do it.


Method Three:

Using Data Recovery software:


1) Computer

2) Powerful data recovery software

1. First use the browser on our computer to search for "powerful data recovery Software" downloaded and installed on the computer. After the installation is complete, the software will pop up and click "Experience Now" to run the software.

2. Next we will run the software, after opening the software, we can see in the software interface there are three recovery options and a specific description of each option to choose from. If we want to quickly restore deleted files, then we can click on "Deep Scan" to scan.


3, click to enter, we need to click on the deleted files on the hard drive, if we delete the Recycle Bin files, then we need to click on the disk to scan.

4, after the software scan is completed, you can find the files we deleted in the software interface, find the files that need to be recovered, click "Next" to save.


5. After clicking the Restore button, you can then see that the software has "recovered" the recovered files we need.


6, finally click "Browse" option to select the file save location, and then click the "Restore" button, then we accidentally deleted files can be restored.

Mistakenly deleted files How to recover, about how to restore the Recycle Bin mistakenly deleted files above is the entire operation process can be completed, I believe that all friends after reading the above operation can quickly solve the problem, may wish to try it! I'm glad to see you solve the problem.

How to recover files deleted by mistake

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