How to recover files deleted by the Recycle Bin

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Related Data Recovery Senior Engineer's introduction, based on the Recycle Bin after the deletion of data recovery, mainly with the aid of data recovery software for the identification and recovery of mistakenly deleted files. In the process of data recovery, the common data recovery software is difficult to recognize the files deleted by the Recycle Bin because of the lack of effective recognition technology, so it is very difficult to realize the complete recovery.

To resolve the recovery of the Recycle Bin deletion problem, we can choose professional Xun Long data recovery software. The software itself has advanced depth scanning technology, for mistakenly deleted files, the software through the depth recognition technology to scan and mark. Because its scanning range is more extensive than ordinary recovery software, it can better identify the specific recovery files, and there will be no recovery deficiencies.

The following is a resume tutorial using the rapid data recovery software:

1. Please open the software, in the software of the six Sudoku interface to select the appropriate recovery mode "empty the Recycle Bin", click on the mode of the Recycle Bin scan operation.

2. The software will scan every disk in the computer to find the deleted file, please be patient and wait for the scan to finish.

3. After scanning, in the software interface display data, check the need to restore, click Next Restore can be. If the specified file cannot be found because of too many files, you can choose to search, and the picture file can also take advantage of the preview.

When restoring files, be aware that because the files of the Recycle Bin may be from every disk in your computer, the recovered files are not stored on your computer's disk, so be sure to save your mobile device.

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