How to recover files deleted by the Recycle Bin, what's simpler?

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Many friends have the habit of regularly cleaning the computer, in our use of the computer process, often produce a variety of garbage files, and the computer in the case of too many files, it will cause the system to run down, so users have to the computer does not need to clean up the files. However, in the process of user cleanup files, often mistakenly deleted phenomenon, if the Recycle Bin also save the file that is OK, the fear of the recycling station is also emptied, resulting in a complete file is deleted, users will be difficult to retrieve the file. How do we recover from files that have been deleted in the Recycle Bin?

At present, the Recycle Bin is emptied of the file recovery method has two, one of which is to modify the registry method, but this is not recommended in the small part of this method. Modify the registry method although seemingly simple, but its specific steps still have some difficulty, especially for those computer novices, we are likely to modify the registry when there are some errors, resulting in computer failure or loss of data two damage, the consequences can not be estimated. In addition, some of the online changes in the registry of the tutorial errors are many, not credible, many users have suffered losses. So here, I recommend that you use another way to recover a file from the Recycle Bin, which is the data recovery software method.

When we delete a file in the usual way, Windows puts the file in the Recycle Bin, and even if we empty the Recycle Bin, the operating system does not actually erase the file's data. What Windows calls deletion actually simply changes the first letter of the file name to a special character, the cluster is then marked as idle, but the file contains data that is still on disk, and the next time the new file is saved to disk, the clusters may be used by new files to overwrite the original data, so As long as the new file is not saved, the deleted file's data is actually still intact on disk. Therefore, we can use the top data recovery software to bypass the operating system, directly manipulate the disk, restore the deleted files.

Top data Recovery software is a practical feature developed by the top data recovery studios, recovery capabilities of a complete data recovery software, it not only supports the recovery of the deleted files in the Recycle Bin, but also support the hard drive, u disk, mobile hard disk, SD card, memory card, camera card, mobile card and other devices on the data recovery, original " Instant Scan "feature, perfectly compatible with all Windows systems, is a good choice for user data recovery.

Many users may be worried about the complexity of the software operation steps, this can be assured that the entire recovery process as long as a few steps can be easily handled, we do not have to worry that they will not operate. The following small series is simple to share with you the top data Recovery Software recovery Recycle Bin file procedures.

Step one: Click on the "Empty Recycle Bin" mode to restore: Empty the missing files from the Recycle Bin.

The second step: static waiting for the end of the scan.

Step three: Select where the file is missing, and then click Next.

Note that when a file is lost, the name of the file is automatically changed by the system. If you do not scan the file you want, use universal recovery mode to scan again.

There are several ways you can determine whether you need the data.

1. Photos and documents are supported for previewing, please click the scanned files to view them.

2. Based on the date of creation and modification of the time to judge.

3. Find according to the type of file, for example, if you are restoring Word, select the document in the type, and then click Find.

Step Fourth: Select a disk to store the files that need to be recovered, and then click Next.

Note: If the file you are missing is in which partition, restore the data to another partition to avoid data overwrite.

Fifth step: Wait for a moment before resuming completion.

If you have operational difficulties, you can refer to the above steps, as long as we empty the Recycle Bin after the storage device to write new data and clean, basically can be completely recovered mistakenly deleted files.

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