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"Bad track" originates from a small-capacity hard drive more than 10 years ago. There was no system reservation inside the hard drive at that time. Factory, the factory will scan the hard disk in the presence of bad sectors of the track, and its location recorded in a small form, affixed to the hard disk shell, annotated "bad track list", that is often said "poor road table." The track on a cylinder of a head is a bad track on a "Bad watch" list.

1. Hard drive Bad track classification

Hard drive bad way can be divided into logical bad road and physical bad road two kinds. Logic bad Way, commonly known as "soft Bad way". is caused by software installation or use error, generally does not cause too much harm to the hard disk itself. Physical bad means the track of the hard disk is physically damaged. Because the gap between the head and the disk is only 0.015~0.025μm, such a small gap, the hard drive in transit, if the strong bumps, will make the hard drive produces physical bad way. In addition, human error will also make a hard drive scrap. Some careless people in the installation, the hard drive screws are not tightened, for the future use of buried hidden dangers. The vibration of a hard drive can also cause a physical bad way to occur.

2. The symptom after the hard drive appears bad way

When the hard drive is bad: it often goes wrong to read a file or run a software. Or it takes a long time to operate successfully, during which the hard drive reads and emits a cacophony of noises, which means that some sectors of the hard disk that have data uploaded are bad; But can not enter, use SYS command conduction system also cannot succeed. This situation is more serious, because it is likely to be the boot sector of the hard disk problem, the normal use of the computer frequently without reason blue screen, unable to complete the partition and formatting operations.

3. Check if the hard drive has bad track

To verify that the hard drive has broken down, it can be detected by the relevant tool software, such as the "SCANDISK" ScanDisk that comes with the system itself. However, the software's scanning speed is slow, it is recommended to use the "efficient source large-capacity hard drive detection and Repair program" to scan. "Efficiency source large-capacity HDD detection and Repair program" can test the market on a variety of brands of hard disk products.

(1) Making the Startup disk

First, download the software and burn it into a tool tray.

(2) Detection of hard disk

Start the computer, press the DEL key to enter the BIOS settings, in the "Advanced bios Features" to set the "First boot Device" option to floppy, one boot disk to disc priority, save the BIOS settings, restart the computer. Then use the tool disk you just created to boot the system and automatically execute the program when it starts.

If only one hard drive is installed on the system, position the cursor over the hard disk full detection option, and then press ENTER to start a full scan of the hard drive. When the scan is finished, you can see the associated bad track information.

If you have multiple hard drives installed in your system, you can select the hard disk advanced detection option in the main interface. After entering the advanced detection screen, first in the "Start position", enter the "0", press ENTER, and then in the "End position" enter "100", press Enter the "current hard disk" place to detect the hard disk number, For example, to detect the 2nd hard drive is entered "2", enter that start detection. As shown in the figure.

4. Repair hard drive logic bad way

For hard drives, the logic of bad track repair is relatively simple, and when the software detected by the hard disk after the bad way, the first thing to be bad as a logical bad way to deal with, if the bad way still exists, and then repair the physical bad way to repair.

(1) Repair the hard drive through the disk scanner logic bad way

For the logical bad, the repair method is relatively simple. For users of Windows 98 systems, click the start → programs → attachments → system tools → scandisk menu item, select the partition that you want to scan in the dialog box that appears, check the full, auto fix errors option, and click the Start button.

For users who use Windows 2000/XP Systems, you can double-click to open My Computer, right-click the partition that you want to repair, select Properties, click the Tools button in the dialog box that appears, and click the Start Check button in the Error checking option group. In the dialog box that appears, select the Automatically fix file system errors, scan and attempt to recover bad sectors option, and click the Start button.

By means of the above method, the logical bad path problem of hard disk can be solved generally. If you don't get into Windows properly, you can start the computer with a boot floppy disk, and then type "Scandisk x:" (X for the specific hard drive) to scan and repair the hard drive. Once a bad word is found, the program prompts you to "Fixit" (fix) and begins to repair after selecting "Yes".

(2) Repair hard drive logic bad way through DM

Using Windows's own disk scanner to repair the hard drive's logical bad way does not damage data security, but the program's ability is limited, if you find that the hard drive after the disk scanner repair still exists bad, you can consider the DM to repair.

Before using DM to repair your hard drive, you must first back up the data on your hard disk to other media. When the DM fixes the bad path, it deletes all the data on the hard drive, so you have to back up the data first.

First from the Internet to download DM million version and make a good DM startup floppy disk, and then execute DM and enter its main interface. Position the cursor to the (M) aintenance options (Maintenance options) option, and then press ENTER, and in the secondary interface that appears, position the cursor to the "(U) tilities" option, and the system will require you to select a hard disk to repair when you enter, At this point you can choose according to your own needs, and then press ENTER to enter the secondary interface, positioning the cursor to the Zero fill Drive (Disk 0 Fill) option, press ENTER after the red warning message appears. After pressing the ALT+C key combination confirmation, select Yes to start the hard drive with a "0 fill". Once the operation is complete, repartition the hard drive. This will not only fix the vast majority of hard drive bad, but also not like low-level format to the hard drive damage.

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