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Today we talk about "various formats of file opening and file type indisputable circumstantial" topic, I have been engaged in computer 10 years, from the early 286 computers to the current 6 nuclear computers, from the previous DOS system to the current Windows 7 can be said to have experienced, During all these years of computer work, many friends often ask "what is this?" That's what the file ah "problem, that is, we often speak of file format, professional point is the file suffix name (dos environment called extension), file suffix name is a symbol of file format, Generally by file suffix name to distinguish file format, if you are familiar with the word will know what this file is used to do, what software to open, so it is very important to know the file suffix name, file suffix Hundreds of thousands, it is not possible to all know, So today I have summed up the use of the more extensive file suffix in today's computer, and in what way or through what software to open, you can use "ctrl+f" to find the name of the suffix you want to know, I hope to help you.

I. Executable program file type

Open mode: This file can be directly executed, generally do not require third-party software to open

. exe,. com,. bat,. sys, and so on, along with executable files are often accompanied by the following types of files: *. HLP is a Help file (helps), *. CFG is the configuration file (config), *. DAT is the data file, *. Log is logged, *. TMP is a temporary file (temporal).

Second, the file type that Windows brings

Open by: Open with a special tool with Windows, for example:. WRI Open with WordPad

. DRV format: For device drivers (Driver)

. fon,. fot format: are all font files

. grp format: For grouped files (group)

. ini format: For initialization information file format: (initiation)

. pif format: File format required for executable files in DOS environments to execute under Windows

. CRD Format: Card file

. rec Format: Recorder macro file (record)

. wri format: A text file (Write), which is a word processing Write.exe generated file

. doc,. rtf,. docx format: Files produced by word

. cal format: For calendar files

. CLP format: Is the file format in the Clipboard

. htm,. html format: web page file

. par format: For exchanging files

. pwl format: For password file (Password)

. xls/.xlsx Format: Excel file

Third, graphic image file type

Open mode: General use of graphics to view the software can be opened, for example: ACD format: See software, if it is a specific professional software, then you must use professional design software open, CDR files must be opened with CorelDRAW Software, DWG must be opened with AutoCAD.

. bmp format: Windows standard image File format that can be supported by a variety of Windows applications

. CLP Format: Windows Clipboard file

. dib format: DIB device-independent bitmap file

. emf format: Applying the file format to the Windows operating system in the printing industry

. eps format: an ASCII graphics file format described in PostScript language that prints high quality graphic images on a PostScript graphics printer

. fpx Format: FlashPix bitmap image file, the fpx file name extension can be used as your computer tag, indicating that the file requires Kodak software to access

. gif format: GIF (graphics Format: Interchange Format: Format) is the original meaning of "image Interchange Format", is the CompuServe company in the format: 1987 Development of image File format

. iff format: This file format is used for the Amiga platform, and IFF file format is used to store images and sound files more.

. jpg format: JPEG format: A picture that stores a single raster image in 24-bit color, JPEG is a platform-independent format, and supports the highest level of compression

. PBM format: Portable format: Bitmap, is a graphical format

. pct format: Digital pictures

. pcx format: PCX format is a format developed by ZSoft company in developing image processing software paintbrush

. pic Format: Graphics file format, which contains uncompressed image information

. png format: Portable Network Graphics, any color depth to store a single raster image, platform-independent format, support for high level lossless compression, support for alpha channel transparency

. ppm format: PPM image format (Portable format: PIXELMAP), a Linux picture format

. psd format: Photoshop's specialized format, which stores information such as all layers in Photoshop, channels, guides, annotations, and color patterns

. ras Format: Sun Raster image files are one of many format files generated by a number of scanners

. Raw format: CMOS or CCD image sensor converts the captured light source signal into the original data of the digital signal

. rle format: A compressed bitmap file format, RLE compression scheme is an extremely mature compression scheme, characterized by no loss of compression, both save disk space without loss of any image data

TGA format: TGA is an image file format developed by American Truevision Company for its display card, which has been accepted by the international graphic and image industry.

. tif format: TIFF is a more flexible image format, its full name is tagged Format: image format: File format: Format, file name extension is TIF or TIFF

. wmf Format: WMF (Windows format: Metafile format: Format) is a common metafile format in Windows and is a vector file format

. pdf format: Is portable format: Document format: Abbreviation for format, translated to portable file format, PDF reader adobe format: Reader is designed to open documents with the suffix. pdf format

DWG format: AutoCAD graphics file, two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphic files. Format: It can be transformed into a variety of file formats, such as DXF, DWF, etc.

Four, video file type

Open the way: with professional players, such as: Baidu Audio-visual, Thunder look, etc.

. flv format: Flash format: Short for video, the FLV streaming format is an audio format developed with the launch of the Flash format: mx.

. wmv format: WMV is a streaming media format introduced by Microsoft, in the same video quality, WMV format is very small, so it is suitable for playing and transmission online

ASF Format: ASF is Microsoft's Windows format: The core of media. This is a data format that contains audio, video, images, and control command scripts. This glossary is currently available and format: WMA format: and format: WMV format: Interchange use

. FLI format: Autodesk format: Animator and Animatorpro animated file format, support 256 color support compression.

. Pcs/pic format: An animated file format developed by Macromedia for use by Macintosh applications. Support 256 colors, support compression, for saving animation data, is quick format: time predecessor. Format:

. AVD format: The animated file format developed by Microsoft, supported by Windows, Windows format: NT platform and OS/2 multimedia applications, supports 256 colors and compression

. MPEG Format: An animated file format developed by the International Organization for Standardization's movement image Expert group. Supports compression for encoding audio, video, text, and graphics data. Format:

. QTM format: An animated file format developed by the Apple Computer company. Supports 25-bit colors, supports compression, for saving audio and motion video information.

V. Type of sound file

Open mode: Sound file format is used to save digital audio information, open the way with professional audio software open, such as: Thousands of mute, of course, video playback software can also be opened.

. mp3 Format: Audio compression technology, because the full name of this compression is called MPEG format: Audio format: Layer3, so people refer to it as MP3

AIFF (. AIF): This is the sound file format developed by Apple Computer, supported by Macintosh platforms and applications. Supports compression. Format:

Amiga Voice (. SVX): The sound file format developed by Commodore is supported by the Amiga platform and applications and does not support compression. Format:

Mac Sound (. SND): The sound file format developed by Apple Computer has been supported by Macintosh platforms and a variety of Macintosh applications to support some compression. Format:

MIDI (. MID: The sound file format developed by the International MIDI Association, supported by Windows platforms and many applications, is used to create digital sounds for musical instruments. Format:

Sound PA (. VOC): Creative Format: Labs company developed the sound file format, supported by Windows and DOS platform, support compression. Format:

WAVE (. WAV): Microsoft is used as a resource format for storing audio information on Windows platforms.

Six, compressed file type

Open mode: With professional compression software, such as: WinRAR software

In order to improve storage efficiency, many companies have introduced data compression methods and the corresponding software, the use of such documents mainly through the compression package and package software, the main suffixes are:? ARJ, *.rar, *.lzh, *.jar.

There are also a number of special compressed files, such as: *.ex_, *.dl_, *.d3_, *.cab and so on.

Vii. programming language file types

Open by: This file must be opened with the corresponding programming software

. BAS format: Basic Language source program

. PAS format: for Pascal language Program

. For FORTRAN language Program

. C is the C language

. ASM is the assembly language program

. asp/. php/. JSP for Network programming language

Viii. Database class file types

Open: With professional data software to open, for example: in dBASE, FoxBase, Foxpro, Access, SQL, etc.

. mdb;. DBF Format: Database file (databasefile) format:. PRG format: Command file (program programs) format:

. FXP Format: Compiled program format:. SCX and. SCT Format: Screen file format:

. FPT Format: Memo field file format:. FRx and. frt format: report file format:

. CBX and. pjt Format: Tag file format:. mnx format: and. mnt format: Menu file format:

. PJX and. PJT Format: Engineering file format:. App format: application file format:

. CDX and. idx Format: Index file format:. QPR and. QPX: SQL query file format:

. fp Format: Configuration file format:. AP format: Build Application format:

. err format: Compile error file format:. Men format: Memory Application format:

. fky Format: Key macro file format:. win format: Window file format:

. PCB Format: library file format:. tmp format: Temporary file format:

. Tbk Format: Staging database files

The above is about the various formats of file opening and file type indisputable circumstantial, if you think this article is good, please share it to your friends, click on the right side of the screen to share on it, but also hope that you put forward valuable advice, but also in the back to improve the other not listed in the file type and open the way.

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