How to register for free using a virtual host and a two-level domain name building station

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believe that there are many programmers do not know how to create their own web site to publish to the network, in fact, this is not complicated, as long as you have a domain name and server, everything is so simple.

Where does the domain name and server go? Of course, go to the domain name and the server provider to apply. Most of the domain name and server are charged, of course, there are free virtual host and level two domain name. If it is just a personal study or build their own blog forum, free two-level domain name and virtual host is OK, there is no need to buy the domain name and server.

For free domain name, generally only two level domain name, and is foreign, few domestic. Free virtual host domestic also has, I used the best one is 1 months of use, the expiry of the post to them to advertise the next month, the other is not to mention. Foreign virtual host is more, I also recently found a very good website, can apply for free virtual host and two-level domain name, used for a while, feel very good, here to teach you how to register for free use virtual host and two level domain name to build the station.

    • Sina Weibo account (login use)
  1. 1

    In order to avoid advertising suspicion, Web site in the text at the end of the resources provided, you can also search Baidu Hostinger.

  2. 2

    Open the Hostinger website and click on the Sina Weibo icon at the top right-hand corner (Sina Weibo quick landing).

  3. Enter Sina Weibo account quick Landing website.

  4. Click Connect

  5. Enter the mailbox, the mailbox verification (do not accept the domestic mailbox, although you can use Sina Weibo landing, casually write a Google mailbox or Foxmail mailbox is good, do not need mailbox verification. Of course, for the convenience of future use, it is best to register a foxmail or other foreign mail account can be used.

  6. Verify success, go to the website, click on the icon of the new host in the diagram

  7. Click "New Host Account" on the Host Account page

  8. On the new Host Account page, there is free version, premium and commercial Edition, click on the "Order" button in the free version.

  9. In the level two domain name to fill in the two level domain name that you will register (seemingly this step is useless, just register the virtual host to fill in, behind also register binding two domain name)

  10. Fill in the description, carry out security verification, then click the Order button

  11. Host Account registration is successful, waiting for the initial installation

  12. The initial installation completes, the Host account status becomes activated, proves that the host has been registered successfully, the back is registered two-level domain name, deployment site, the behind will be detailed.

    • Hostinger should be only open to China this year, because it is Hong Kong line, so mainland visits will occasionally compare cards, mind the cautious use.
    • Why like Hostinger, there are two main points, one is to apply for a free virtual host, you can directly apply for a two-level domain name, binding analysis can be used; the other is that this site supports online modification of code and upload files directly, FTP can not
    • For the registration of level two domain names and site deployment, the back will be written tutorial specific introduction.

How to register for free using a virtual host and a two-level domain name building station

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