How to speed up the Web page load opening speed of IE browser?

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First, ie browser settings parameters

1. In the XP system download the IE browser Window menu bar Click Tools-Internet Options command, and then in the Open Internet Options dialog box, switch to the Advanced tab.

2. Drag the scroll bar to the right, and then in the Settings list, in the multimedia bar, uncheck the options for the playback animation, sound, video, and online media content, as shown in the figure:

3. Click the OK button to save the settings.

Tip: If you want to restore the default settings, you can click the Restore Defaults button directly in the Advanced tab of the Internet Options dialog box.

Second, modify registry parameter settings to speed up browsing speed

1, enter "regedit" in the command line or in the Start search box of Windows Vista to open Registry Editor.

2, into the Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversioninternet Settings.

3, select "Edit" → "new" → "DWORD value".

4, create a new DWORD value, named MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server, and set its value to 10.

5, select "Edit" → "new" → "DWORD value", create another name called MaxConnectionsPerServer DWORD value, set its value to 10. Note that if you want to set a value that is more than 10, then the values in these two DWORD will be set accordingly.

6, exit the Registry Editor and exit ie. When you restart IE, the new value will make your browsing speed faster.

Third, upgrade the computer configuration to meet the opening speed

In terms of computer configuration, it is believed that everyone can meet, because the current computer is not the 90 's things. Basically, computers can meet the requirements of configuration. If your computer is very old and low, then switch to a new computer.

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