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For many webmaster or some like research network friends, often on some web site Speed test contrast. The author of this article as a webmaster, through personal experience, teach you how to test the speed of the site. Whether you are a webmaster or a computer enthusiast, I believe this article will be helpful to everyone.

Determine the speed of the Web site mainly by the server configuration, server broadband and the acceleration of the situation to feel, generally some of the larger sites will be CDN acceleration, access speed than ordinary no accelerated Web site, open faster. Nonsense not much said, the following for you to introduce three kinds of Web site speed test methods, these are small series more like the method.

First, Chiyun measurement ( test Site speed

Chiyun Test is the author's favorite Web site measurement Online Testing tool, it provides ping detection, get detection, DNS hijacking detection and site scoring services, can detect many areas of the country to visit the speed of the site. Chiyun test using the method is very simple, into the strange cloud test Web interface, enter the site to be tested, and then click "Test" can be, as shown in the following figure:

After I wait for the Web site Speed test is completed, the final display of the country's regional web site access, where the darker color area, indicating that the faster access to the region, as shown in the following figure.

See from above, PC841. COM site Part of the visit is not particularly ideal, we recommend that you can test multiple sites, speed comparison.

Second, the Webmaster Ping tool (

Open the Webmaster Ping tool, the same input URL, and then click on the query, the same can test the site in several regions of the site speed, in addition to the bottom can also be selected telecom, Unicom and other lines, as shown in the following picture:

Click on the query, wait a little while to complete the site speed test, as shown in the following figure:

The result of this test is that the shorter the response time, the faster the Web site is opened, the more you can use multiple websites to compare tests, and draw conclusions.

Third: Use ping command to detect Web site speed

ping command to detect the speed of the Web site, can only query the user access to the target site, can not detect the situation in different regions of the country, but this method is most convenient, do not use any online tools, the specific methods are as follows:

Use the Win + R combination shortcut to open the Run dialog box, and then type: Ping (note that there is a space around the URL), as shown in the following figure:

After typing, click "OK", then you can see the website ping speed response situation, the shorter the time, the faster the site, we'd better take a few large sites to compare, from which we can see how the speed of the site.

The above is the author's favorite three kinds of Web site speed test methods, here all share tell everyone, I hope you will like.

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