How to generate debug information in the LR enhancement pane?

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I do it according to the ebook.

How do I generate debug information?
At some point in the test run, it is often necessary to send a message to the output device indicating the current location and other
Interest. These output messages appear in the playback log and in the Controller's output window. can send standard
Outputs a message or indicates a message that an error occurred.
To determine whether or not to issue an error message, it is recommended that you find the failed state first. If the status is failed, let Vugen
Issue an error message. See the example in HP loadrunner Online Function Reference.
In this section, we will instruct Vugen to insert an output after the application completes a complete reservation
To insert an output message, do the following:
1 Select a location.
Select the last step, Image:signoff Button. The snapshot opens on the right.
2 Insert an output message. (The problem is here, click on the menu bar insert is gray), the solution is to open the tree view, below I cut two diagram, easy to see

Insert now-The new step will work.

Select Insert > New step. The Add Step dialog box opens. Scroll down and select the output message,
And then click OK.

The Output Message dialog box opens.
3 Enter the message content.
In the Message text box, enter the flight was booked and click OK. The output message is added to the
The tree.
4 Save the script.

Selected functions wait here.

Look at the script code and add a line of code:

Lr_output_message ("The flight was booked");

Today is the second day of Qingming Festival, here under the snow, I do not like to go out, hey

How to generate debug information in the LR enhancement pane?

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