How to get high-quality scanned images

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The scanning process is always simple, but to get high-quality scanned images involves too many variables, because the color desktop system itself is open. Combined with the long-time use of easy-to-beat document camera experience, think to get the perfect scan image, the image quality control is very important, and the Czech easy to shoot document camera, is undoubtedly the perfect output of office equipment.

For many novice users, checking the image quality often means checking the color of the image, thinking that good colors equate to good images, in fact, this is only one aspect of the problem. Look at an image of good or bad, the most important factor is to check its color scale range, that is, the level of the image. The so-called level is the level of the image from the darkened to the brightness of varying degrees of depth. Examining the image hierarchy requires specialized tools such as image processing software Photoshop, ImagePais2, and the eyedropper tool in these software to check the level of the image, especially for high-gloss and darkened areas. If the high-gloss area and the darkened area appear large tracts of the same value of white, black, or the magnitude of the change is very small, indicating that the image hierarchy is poor. Using the "Level function" in Photoshop, you can check the quality of the image from the color scale distribution, if there is a large number of dark pixels on the left, it indicates that the whole image is dark; If a large number of bright pixels appear on the right, the whole image is bright, and the scanned quality image is clear, The color scale distribution chart is very uniform. In addition, the histogram function in Photoshop "can also help users to check the status of the scanned image, see the continuous level from light to dark is smooth transition, or show a ribbon gap, if there is obvious ribbon gap, the user selected scanner density value is low, should be correspondingly higher.

The camera has been widely used in various industries, for color image processing has played a positive role, but how to get real high-quality scanned image? There are many factors that affect image scanning quality, such as resolution setting, color correction, image enhancement, file format, file storage, system resources are all involved, to get a flawless scan image, but also need to check the quality of scanned images.

You should also check that the color of the image is balanced, that is, the image has no bias color. The simplest way to check color balance is to check for neutral ash. Gray balance is a gradual process from the smallest black (0%) to the largest white (100%) in the image, and is one of the important parameters to convert from RGB to CMYK. Theoretically, the same amount of C, M, Y ink mix, will produce neutral ash, but in fact, due to the difference in ink quality, more or less will cause a certain proportion of the deviation, only according to a specific proportion to achieve neutral ash. Users can determine the correct CMYK values from the printing inks setup feature in Photoshop. In addition, it should also check the image of the color, such as the sky, grass, flowers, color is harmonious unity, but at this time more need for human judgment, lack of science.

It is also important to check the brightness of an image by comparing it with the original to see if the scanned image is too dark or too bright, too dark or too bright to get the ideal image. Dimming an image that is too dark is a simple way to adjust the gamma value, but doing so causes the scanned image to lose information. In fact, the easiest way to check the brightness of an image is to compare it with the original following behalf, and try to read the color value on the scanned image in CYMK mode to see if it is close to the original.

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