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As we all know, the Thunderbolt members need money. Recently, green tea Small series has been found on the internet has been asked to ask the Thunderbolt members. Small compiled the next free to get the Thunderbolt members of several methods, we can go to try.

First, attention to micro-win members.

This approach is to let everyone pay attention to the Thunderbolt official related microblogging, they often carry out various activities, participate in these activities have the opportunity to receive membership rewards. I used to do a forwarding of micro-win members of the activities, to get a member of the monthly card.

Thunder official Weibo account @ Thunder official Micro Bo, @ Thunder member, @ Thunder Fast Pass, @ Thunder play privileges, @ Thunder Online Games Accelerator, @ Thunder Customer service, @ Thunder Ark.

These are some conventional methods, we pay more attention to on the activities described above, many activities are in fact as long as the Thunder registered users can participate.

Second, the use of thunder points to change members

Open, with their own Thunder account and password login can be. Non-member of the same can be logged in.

Here you can see their points, the Thunder integral and the empirical value of the relationship is 1:20. Sign in every day can also get points, the standard is not member sign in 2 minutes a day, the member sign in 3 minutes every day. Recently because the Thunder Points Mall is upgrading, temporarily unable to exchange members with points. The standard is 610 cent Exchange 1 month Thunder member.

Points Mall:

Third, the monthly turn over the card member

This method is 100% winners, 1 times a month, and members are used from 1 days to 1 years. Limited to the LV2 level above the members of the friends to participate in the Thunder.

Interested friends can go to to see exactly.

Four, credit card, mobile phone, broadband points to change members

This approach has limitations, because there is still not enough support, specific can go to understand

Five, Thunder Fast pass points daily draw win member

Fast Thunder is a thunderbolt launched a network of applications, with the speed of upload features, this and thunder offline download the same truth.

Upload files to the fast after the Thunder will download the address to share out, download one can get Thunder fast pass points 2 points.

With Thunder fast transfer points can go to participate in the lottery three times a day, the prize has the Thunder member voucher, the Thunderbolt VIP Experience member 3 days, Fast Pass the space, the Thunder member month card and so on. Three lottery will be consumed thunder fast transmission points 2 points, 4 points, 6 points

Six, Thunder happiness tree points daily draw win member

Often use the thunder of friends, should know in the bottom left corner of the Thunder position has a happy tree application. It also has its own integral system called the Sun value.

The calculation rule of sunshine value is more complicated, we can take a detailed here. But its principle is the Thunder Happiness tree rank higher, the integral is quicker. In the Thunder main interface click on the Thunder tree on the weather display position can enter the lottery interface. You can draw 20-30 times a day (according to different grades), the lottery will consume the Sun value 10 points.

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