How to get out of the predicament of talent website management

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Online job search and recruitment is a kind of information on the Internet on the exchange of talents, network recruitment is not subject to time, region, space restrictions, to avoid a large range of crowd and the site of dependence, to the employing units and job seekers to provide a distant exchange platform. Therefore, the online job search and recruitment has been more and more employers and graduates favor, become the recruitment industry's "new favorite." It is based on such a large and visible market cake so many enterprises and individuals swarming, refreshing the number of Chinese talent website.

In fact, at present, the number of recruitment sites in China is not as optimistic as people think, technology behind, low charges, the level of service is not homogeneous, has made the Chinese network of talent service market into a vicious circle. Only a few websites have been profitable or financed successfully. According to the industry analysis, compared with traditional industries, talent network risk is extremely high, the success rate of less than 2%. Shortage of funds is still the top priority. Some of the dotcom bust, so that most of the investment to the site "Back to basics" assessment, that is, see if you have a reliable operating income model, operating income how to come, when to make money, even if you do not make money, you also give investors a credible forecast.

To solve the business dilemma of talent website, to find a bright "money way", we have to start from the following aspects--

Service: Upgrade from single information release mode to multi-resource integration under line

At present, the vast majority of talent website Service mode is to provide a network information publishing platform for employers and job seekers to browse autonomously, the competition is reflected in the number of information and the frequency of updates. These are just the extension of the traditional recruitment newspaper, do not reflect the convenience and interactivity of the network recruitment brought to people. As a talent site, content services are always the first, and China's numerous talent sites focus on the supply and demand of talent information collection and release, the same content of the site, the same way of service, so the competition has evolved into a pure price war, publicity and promotion has evolved into a mechanical type of burning money. So how do we solve this problem? It can be simply summed up in four sentences: Service Content specialization, service mode differentiation, service Model integration, service price diversification.

Many websites pursue all-inclusive, or cover all over the country or cover Strees, think only the coverage is large information, in fact it is a dead end. Each enterprise's financial resources, material, manpower is always limited, especially for the newly founded website, to maintain such a huge system is very difficult, as long as the observation 2000 years after the development of a good website, are more professional, of course, this concept has been recognized by many enterprises, such as Network of Excellence, Southern Talent Network and dedicated to campus recruitment of cast Learning network.

Talent Network to provide customers with high-quality personalized service is undoubtedly one side of the most powerful banner, but also the foothold of the talent website. The competition between talent net is a kind of "vigor" confrontation in the final analysis. To realize the difference of service mode is to deepen the personalized service, and to realize the market refinement for the service user group. such as Headhunting Network launched a new adult education channel. In addition to looking for a job, a person in the search network can get career development opportunities, benefiting from it. This is unique in the professional talent website. Then look at the casting network, its user group is in the school students, so in addition to part-time, internship and university students employment, there are education and training, bar, knowledge, forums and so on channels, greatly improve the site users stay time.

Now there are many talent sites to provide hunting services, in fact, this is the service model commissioned a kind of, of course, the integration of resources under the wire, and education services integration. The single network talent recruitment model is integrated into the network as the main carrier of the recruitment service. This way your target customers will cover those companies and individuals who have been in the talent market. At the same time the website and the website, the website and the talented person market cooperation has already become the integration another way, realizes the different website personnel and the position information database merging and the existing Website function transformation, maximizes enhances the website the service ability and the profit ability.

Finally, the price of service diversification, in fact, with the services you provide the content of service, the way inseparable. Let the user one more choice, you will be a more profitable guarantee.

technology: Upgrading from an entry-level manual operation to an interactive HR solution

Most existing talent sites can only handle the first stage of the recruitment process, that is, information publishing and browsing. With the advancement of technology, there will be more creative solutions to overcome the negative impact of a large increase in the number of good and poor job seekers to deal with, and to address the problems of active and passive job seekers, and the ability to develop complex web sites will gain a huge advantage in the online recruitment marketplace. Most enterprises choose the network recruitment, the main fancy its low cost, short time, can choose large space. Choosing the right resume from the talent network is the main way of recruiting, but it is not enough from the development of the Internet.

Resume delivery, talent and position matching, scientific, effective, time-saving assessment of talent, off-site testing, such as network recruitment management Services, is an urgent problem to be solved. It is also to improve the efficiency of enterprises and personnel protection. As in the United States has done, all job seekers ' interviews and all their clients are under effective management.

In fact, every person on the Web site operators have had such a way of thinking, how to improve the service and technology synchronization, user-oriented, has become a talent site out of the dilemma of the key.

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