How to get started with computer language and become a novice programmer

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Around non-computer professional classmates, friends quite a lot of, said that they will only write a few lines Hello world!.

High-level computer language is divided into object-oriented and process-oriented languages.

All languages can be developed in a process-oriented way, but object-oriented is not necessarily the language of C is a process-oriented language only.

What you can hear now, such as C++,c#,python,java,go and so on, is support for object-oriented.

And no process or object

A computer language, what does it need? What do they have in common with all the computer languages?

1. Variables

Strongly typed languages such as C Java need to specify the data type of a variable, and languages such as Python JavaScript do not need to specify the data type for the variable

2. function (method/method)

There is a special function inside the function, which is the main function, the main function is the entrance to the whole function, and the program starts from here.

function is to reduce the redundancy of the code, so you do not have to write the code in a Main method inside

You have to learn a language that also requires some common packages (libraries) of languages and some of the functions in this are familiar

such as C + + iostream inside cout cin, like PHP (the world's best language) has a wealth of functions,

But you do not have to remember them, because we can Baidu (Baidu/Google is the best tool to program apes, if you do not want Baidu, you can give up learning computer)

3. Process Control

Like if Else statement, for Loop, while loop

The above is some basic things, after learning these even if the introduction, there are these you can write a command-line calculator or some simple program,

But as a high-level language, he also needs some of the following functions, which are necessary to be learned in advanced order.

4. Multithreading (concurrent programming)

Multithreading is to more reasonable use of computer CPU resources, more detailed explanation can refer to the Baidu Encyclopedia

5. IO(file input/output)

IO can read and write files, such as I often do---> Report:

Let the program to generate Excel and calculate the required data to fill in Excel, you will be responsible for writing a few words of SQL.

and read the contents of Excel into the corporate system

6. Network communication

Network communication as the name implies is the interaction of data, here need to master socket,

You can write a chat room and so on through this program

If you have Java, you can see the Netty framework

More details on Baidu Bar

In fact, the learning program has one of the most important is the environment, such as C + + development on the window you need to MinGW on Linux you need a GCC

Generally speaking, writing a good program to run has three processes, 1. Write code that can be compiled by 2. Compiling 3. Running

There is also a good IDE (integrated development environment) that can be easily developed using the IDE.

This way I recommend that if you are learning C + + can use the dev C + + (Windows edition), very useful tools, which integrates the compiler so there is no need to install MinGW.

If it's JavaScript, you can use vs code, which is a Microsoft conscience software

Other language words on the JetBrains official website to find the appropriate IDE, but are charged, if you are a student, you can enjoy the benefits of student eligibility (free use of related software, details Baidu)

If you have never been in touch with a computer language, my advice is to learn JavaScript, the environment is too simple, a browser is done

Do not complicate the program, just a few if else several methods, a bunch of variables, subtraction ah.

If you look at someone else and look at C's stdlib.h, main inside adds a line system ("shutdown-s-T");

After compiling the file into the. exe suffix, refer to the EXE with his common software icon

As a novice programmer to keep up with the times, to learn a lot

And with the blast, a meteor behind

Although I roam the wandering, but not lost the heart

How to get started with computer language and become a novice programmer

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