How to get started with Javascript: first Javascript basics page 1/2 _ basic knowledge

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This is the note I have read about DOM programming art, and I understand JavaScript and javascript authoritative guide 5. I am not qualified and cannot write Advanced articles. If you think the notes are not well written, you can leave it alone. This article is a waste of minutes. Javascript: First Javascript Basics

1. javascript character set:
Javascript uses the Unicode Character Set encoding.
Why is this encoding used?
The reason is simple. The 16-bit Unicode code can represent any written language of the Earth. This is an important feature of language internationalization. (You may have seen writing scripts in Chinese, such as: function my function (){});
Each character in Javascript is expressed in two bytes. (Because it is a 16-bit code)

2. Case Sensitive:
Javascript is a case-sensitive language.
Note: The mistakes I have made before.
HTML is case-insensitive. I often see people writing this,

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