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After a certain stage of work, we also try to generate an EXE file to run it. However, when we move the EXE program to another computer or other places, it cannot run normally. Later, I thought that a lot of software could be used only after we installed it. So I checked it online and added my instructor's dial. I found setup factory 7.0, it is a powerful Installation tool that can generate professional installation programs. So I learned this software, and below is some of its achievements and experiences.

I. Basic Process:

1. First, we need to generate an EXE file for our work and store some necessary files in a folder. Open setup factory 7.0:. the main interface is as follows:

2. If this is the first time you create a new installer, click Create new factory. If there is an existing installer, you can open the existing project and modify some of its properties. The following describes how to create a new project:

3. Enter basic product information here and click Next:

4. Select the folder where your installation file is located and click Next:

5. In this process, you can select the style of the installation window for installing the application, and click Next:

6. Select the theme of the installer. Next step:


7. Select the language used by the installer. Next step:

8. I used a program written in Visual Basic. I chose VB 6.0 here. You can choose a suitable program technology based on your own situation. Next step:

9. In this step, pay attention to the selection in the red box and select your own product requirements. Next step:

10. Then the basic process is over. Click the red line instructions. After three simple processes, we can generate the installation program we want.


Ii. Expand some functions

Of course, this is the simplest and most basic step for creating and installing an application. To improve the functionality, we need to learn more about setup factory 7.0, there is such a taskbar on the left side of the interface, which contains most of the features we need:

1. This includes settings for files, settings, screens, Operations, resources, detaching, and other items. Through these settings, we can make our installation application interface more beautiful, more powerful. Here I want to focus on the functions in this section. Other functions are very easy to understand. You can try more. Next, I will use the password for adding an installer as an example to explain some "operations". Click any one of the operations and this window will appear:

Click Add operation to add the corresponding operation for the function we want to implement.

Now, you have entered a line of code, and then click Add code. If is not equal in the module,

As long as we get rid of the parameters, this is very practical for beginners.



, 2. In addition, some good software such as office and win7 systems have security key, password, term of use, and so on. In fact, these things can be implemented here, click security options in the settings.

Generation of series numbers, click Add to set the number,

In addition, we can set the corresponding use time and other rights during the term:


All in all, taking full advantage of the features in setup factory 7.0 can complete the features we want, making our installation application more perfect. In addition, we need to explore the functions of any outstanding software. Of course, as a programmer on the way forward, we should also learn the complete functions and powerful advantages of excellent software, and the principle of serving the people wholeheartedly.

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