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Assume that the following method is available:

Public String fun1 (string input, int length)
String strreturn = input;
For (INT I = 0; I <length-input. length; I ++)
Strreturn = "0" + strreturn;

Return strreturn;



Call:Fun1 ("790", 4 );--> Final result:0790

 Fun1 ("1234", 5 );--> Final result:01234


Assume that you have the following requirements:

If you want to convert an int-type number, for example, int temp = 790, you must convert it to "abc0790" [7 bits; ABC must have it; after ABC is removed, the remaining 4 digits are supplemented with 0 ]!


So I believe many people will make the following mistake: Get the temp Length

Int temp = 790;

Int J = 0;
For (INT I = 1; int1> 9; I ++)
Int1/= 10;

J + = I;


In this way, the length j of temp is obtained, and if is used... Else... To determine the number of zeros to add to the parameter!


Obviously, it is very troublesome! We use the above fun1, and return: Return ("ABC" + strreturn) is OK!


If I guess it is correct, many times we are misled by the surface. He needs an int-type parameter, so we only consider int, maybe not even converted to string!


Apparently "temp. Length "is not available, but string AA = temp. Tostring (), then aa. Isn't length the length of temp ???



Then, there is a textbox on another page, and the corresponding data is obtained by inputting "abc0790". What should we do?


I hope you will not be misled by the above...


The SQL statement queried in the stored procedure only requires ID, and the header before ID is not. How can this problem be removed?

String SQL = "select * from info where id =" + ID;

Controls on the page:

No.: <asp: textbox id = "textbox1" runat = "server"> </ASP: textbox> <asp: button id = "button1" runat = "server" text = ""/>



He only needs the following ID, so we can remove the letter "ABC", convert it to int, and then remove the first 0!

Int BB = convert. toint32 (temp. value. Replace ("ABC ",""));


BB = 790;

The final result is the same as expected!


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