How to get VMware Low version to run virtual machines created by VMware High version

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The natively installed VMware Workstation is version 8.0, from someone else that copied a virtual machine created with the VMware Workstation 12 version, running the virtual machine times wrong:

The configuration file "Vmname.vmx" was created by a VMware product, which is incompatible with this version of VMware Works Tation and cannot be used.

From the error prompt can be known because of the issue of incompatible version, in the VMware series, the high version of the virtual machine hardware version number is not running on the lower version of the virtualization platform, such as the hardware version number 12 in this article virtual machine can not run in the same way as VMware Workstation 8.0, So is there any way that VMware Workstation12 VMs can be run on the VMware Workstation 8.0 platform?


Scenario One: If you have a VMware Workstation 12 environment, you can modify it directly from the virtual machine right-click menu manage->change Hardware Compatibility menu to be compatible with VMware Workstation The hardware version number of the 8.0.

Scenario Two: If the existing environment does not have VMware Workstation 12, you can quickly complete a compatible conversion of the hardware number by following the steps below

1. Locate and open the. vmx file for the virtual machine through the Notepad program;

2. Locate the Virtualhw.version = "12" field in the file and modify it to Virtualhw.version = "8";

3. Save the. vmx file and turn on the virtual machine. VMware Workstation 12 virtual machines can operate in a VMware Workstation 8.0 environment.

Note: Modify the VMX file operation only through this post operation process and environmental test pass, and not a lot of verification testing, such as in the operation of the problem, please reply and explain the problem and error. It is recommended that you adopt the first method (compatibility hardware version conversion through compatible version);

How to get VMware Low version to run virtual machines created by VMware High version

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