How to get WiFi password for wireless network

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Now the popularity of wireless Wi-Fi has been greatly improved, people in the practical electronic products, has gradually become inseparable from WiFi, but sometimes we go out, to link other people's WiFi practical, and do not know the password, how to do?

1, the boot, into the BIOS, set for the U disk priority boot, and then save and restart;

2, the start will flash the win 98 start interface, and then into the DOS;

3, the input command "Gub.", and then press ENTER to enter the L-boot mode;

4, according to the prompts and individual needs to choose their own model, the general choice of the first model can (1024*768);

5, the system loaded after the J direct input STARTX login;

6, so you have successfully started BT4;

7, the next is installed under the BT4 Spoonwep, into the BT4, first click on the lower left corner of the Start menu, click on a call system Mane pop-up menu, and then click "Storeage Media", will open a window, click on the window has a refresh button, In the blank space below the window will list your hard drive and peripherals, into the U disk, find just put in the Spoonwep-wpa-xc3.deb, copy this file to the desktop (in fact, is/root), you can drag directly to the desktop, open the Command line window to run "dgkg-i Spoonwep-wpa-rc3.dab ", the desktop will create an icon, which is SPOONWEP:

9, the following to do is ***WEP password, began to use the SPOONWEP: Open a shell, enter the ifconfig-a carriage return, and then enter the Airnwn-ng start Wlan0 6 back to the car, and then enter the In-fs bash/bin/sh carriage return, And then the is-a1/bin/sh carriage return (This command can be shown to kill whether the set succeeds, show Bash as success.) The result returned by the dash for bash continues, enter the SPOONWEP after entering the wireless Router password pop-up spoonwpa window.

9, select Mono in the net card, in the driver to choose Normal, in the mode selected unknown victim, then click Next, click on the launch into the search, you can see a lot of network cards, selected 1 must have a client's network card click Selection OK, then click Launch Automated Handshake CAPTURE.

The next step is to witness the miracle of the moment, you wait for the password to appear, and start to enjoy the pleasure of WiFi!

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