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CN is like this. Should we switch to com? But good com is almost done. What should I do if I have a better bet? If you want to pay attention to rice, you need to go to the professional preemptive registration service provider to make a reservation. We know that China's CN Domain Name preemptive registration includes ename, 66, etc,
We will not discuss this. We mainly discuss international domain preemptive registration providers.
Internationally, well-known preemptive registration providers include pool, snapnames, enom, and Godaddy. The pool and snapnames are the first to bear the brunt. Because many of its registrars cooperate with each other, the efficiency is of course high. According to long-term observation, preemptive registration of short domain names, pool machines
The highest rate. However, snapnames is the preferred Chinese pinyin rice.
To register a pool account, you must have an international credit card. Because you need to make a payment pre-authorization (pre-authorized), you need to fill in the credit card information when registering, then, the pool deducts $60 from your credit card. At last, the mailbox will receive an Account Activation email.
After living, you can log on to the pool to make a backorder (reservation) for your desired domain name ). In addition, the $60 pre-authorization will be automatically revoked in about half a month and will not be displayed in the consumption items on the credit card bill.

The following are some of the problems that beginners often encounter:

1. How do I charge for pool domain preemptive registration? Do I need to pay $60 in advance when I register?

The price of pool Backorder is USD 60. Many users who are not very careful about registration may misunderstand that the pool requires you to fill in the credit card information and prepare the 60 USD process:

Entering valid credit card information is mandatory in all accounts. once entered, a pre-authorization of US $60 will apply. this security measure is in place to protect our MERs and from fraudulent acts against our services.

Many people think that at the same time of registration, they will first deduct 60 dollars, and then do not dare to continue. In fact, the pool allows you to pre-authorize them to charge you $60, just as if we stayed in a hotel, it is equivalent to paying the pre-authorized room fee. If you do not register, you will be immediately deducted $60 as a deposit. When you win the domain name, even if the pool of the domain name is grabbed, and another person, like you, also backs up the domain name, the money in your credit card will not be deducted, because the auction and other processes will take place, as long as this domain name is not completely yours, you do not need to pay any fees. However, once the domain name has been registered, it will be paid to the domain name registrar. So when the pool is registered for you, $60 will be deducted immediately. This is to protect the rights and interests of other users and domain name registrars.

2. What if someone else backorder the same domain name with you?

As mentioned above, both you and him will go into the auction process. The pool will give you three days to start bidding. If you have been charged for three days, the price will be extended, until no price is added within 15 minutes after any price increase, the domain name will be assigned to the person who last price increases.

3. What domain preemptive registration services does the pool provide and which domain names have higher success rates?

Com net org info biz ca US co. uk org. uk me. uk eu domain name suffixes can all provide preemptive registration services. Because of the registration process of the pool itself. Theoretically, the results are the same.

4. What is the principle of pool preemptive registration? Can a pool itself register a domain name?

The principle of pool preemptive registration is to cooperate with many domain name registrars. When the domain name falls down, it is about 2 o'clock Beijing time ~ Around, the pool registers this domain name at the same time through the registration interface of the cooperation. There are hundreds of partners, so the success rate is extremely high. Because hundreds of domain name vendors register at the same time, how likely are you to grab it? It should be noted that, because of this, the pool does not provide the registration service, and after the domain name preemptive registration, it is generally placed in the pool partner, in fact, it is actually the Domain Name of the partner who helped the pool preemptive registration.

5. The pool helped me steal the domain name. Why didn't I send an email?

Two cases:

1. You once snatched a domain name in the pool, and your domain name will be automatically placed on the platform you can log on to the platform with your last password. Because this platform is a pool platform that cooperates with Registrars for domain names, you do not need to go to those registrars to log on to and manage your domain names. You only need to pay attention to the domain names in the pool, log on to namescout to view your domain name.

2. If the pool preemptive registration is successful, you will not be notified immediately by email. Therefore, do not be frustrated when you see that the domain name has been registered by some strange domain name registrars. Maybe you have prepared it for you. Haha ~~

6. What are the tips for using the pool? provides the mail notice function, because there are thousands of domain names to be deleted every day. If you read the delete list once a day, you will not be able to stand it, but you can have the pool in the delete list, filter the domain names that contain the keywords you want, and then automatically send an email to remind you, so that you may accidentally find many very good domain names!

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