How to grasp the overall color style of PPT

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Everyday we often say that so-and-so person does the PPT style oneself very like, so-and-so person wears the clothes style oneself very much appreciates.

So what is style?

Not clear, anyway is to give the impression of the audience or a comprehensive feeling.

Situation and audience analysis

What is the occasion for this ppt? What impression do you want to impress the audience? Ask yourself first, and then try to give a few words, such as "cordial" or "serious". This is the tone, after the keynote set, future considerations are done around the tone, the entire PPT style will not be offset a lot.

Color determination

To say the truth, color science has not set a universal standard, all over the country's culture, customs on different colors will have different grasp. So I still think that "good-looking" and "fit" are the only criteria. If you must talk about the PPT color theory, the following is the most often due to three kinds of (first, please study what is the color ring):

Monochrome collocation: is a color and its light and shade with the color

Analogy Color design: The collocation of three colors in any continuous way

Contrasting color design: The pairing of a set of relative colors

There are many other PPT color principle, you can search by yourself. In a small a article also talked about a simple color matching, you can refer to (Preparation work-ppt color chapter).

In addition, the method which appears from Nordri is also very simple and practical.

Start with the PPT board

In addition to improving the efficiency of the PPT, the overall style of the limit is also useful, this is the general company is willing to use the reason, there is a motherboard at least in general style will not be too distorted.

Operation Steps

The location of the logo placed

PPT in the font standard: for example, "emphasis" with italic, on the unification of Italic. Title unity in one font, Body page unified with one font

PPT Typesetting: The main point to note is whether four weeks of white space is consistent, text or pictures from the margin is consistent, and so on, the proposed design with the auxiliary line will be very good.

PPT Picture processing: The shadow direction is consistent, the border processing is consistent, the picture type is consistent, does not have the assurance words best not to use the picture, a will use the illustration.

Finally, the style is a kind of accumulation of things, slowly forming your own things, and constantly strengthen it, and so one day suddenly someone said So-and-So's PPT is like you do, congratulations! You already have your own style.

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