How to hide your wireless network

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How to hide a computer in a wireless network

There are a number of ways to hide your computer in a wireless network, such as clicking Start/Run, then entering CMD to open a command prompt window, entering "net config Server/hidden:yes" in that window, or, in the Properties window of the wireless network connection, canceling the File and Printer sharing on a Microsoft network "so that others cannot find their computers through their online neighbors.

To prevent a computer's IP address from leaking, you can start the firewall feature of the wireless network connection, and set ICMP in the Advanced tab of the firewall properties, and prohibit all incoming and outgoing requests, so that others cannot use Ping.exe to determine if their computer is online.

WinXP the wireless network is automatically managed by default, it is only necessary to have the system connect to the wireless network automatically when you need to access the wireless network resources, so you can cancel the "Configure my wireless network settings with Windows" option in peacetime, which is not only safe, but also saves resources. Or click on the "Advanced" button to cancel "Automatically connect to a non-preferred network" so that the system will not easily connect to a previously not detected wireless network.

Wireless router Stealth but accessible

The most direct way to hide a wireless router in the air is to have it stop the SSID broadcast, SSID broadcast features wireless networks created by wireless routers that allow clients to search, which facilitates access to the wireless network, but also facilitates illegal access, so in situations where security is needed, such as a corporate network, It's best to forbid it.

As a result, using a WinXP or wireless card with a program is not as usual to search for the wireless network created by the wireless router, and to access it you can only manually add a preferred network and specify the SSID name.

Hiding the SSID broadcast but unable to deal with Netstumber, it can detect a hidden wireless network, so you must reuse some of the features of the wireless router itself, including stopping the DHCP service and modifying the default IP address of the LAN port, because the SSID of the wireless network is broadcast outward, Even if the wireless network is detected, if the intruder does not obtain or configure the IP address of the same network segment as the wireless router, or cannot connect to the wireless router, this is also a prerequisite for TCP/IP network communication, that is, the IP address of the device must be on the same network segment.

Wireless network and wireless router content we have introduced a lot of content in previous articles, this article just introduced a skill, hope that we have mastered.

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