How to identify a layer-3 switch or a layer-2 Switch

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5012. The value of 2nd bits is 0 ~ 4 indicates that it is a layer-2 switch.

3550. The fifth digit is 5 ~ 9 indicates that it is a layer-3 switch.

LI (LitesoftwareImage) indicates that the device is a weak feature version.

SI (StandardsoftwareImage) indicates that the device is in the standard version and contains basic features.

EI (EnhancedsoftwareImage) indicates that the device is an enhanced version and contains some advanced features.

HI (HypersoftwareImage) indicates that the device is of the advanced version, including some more advanced features.

G, indicating the upstream GBIC interface;

P indicates the upstream SFP interface;

T, indicating the upstream RJ45 interface;

V indicates the upstream VDSL interface;

W indicates that the WAN interface can be configured on the uplink;

C, indicating that the upstream interface is optional;

M, indicating that the uplink interface is a Multimode Optical port;

S indicates that the uplink interface is a single-mode optical port;

F indicates that the downstream interface is a template board, and the optical interface board or electrical interface board can be plugged in. It is compatible with old products such as 3526F, 3526EF, and 3552F.

If both interfaces exist, the uplink interface is composed of multiple interface types.

Note: The Combo port is not displayed in the name.

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