How to identify SDRAM and DDR memory

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(1) In terms of appearance, the common SDRAM memory strips and DDR SDRAM memory strips are almost indistinguishable, but careful observation will find many differences. The SDRAM is often said to be DIMM memory, it has a common (84x2 face) point of contact, so this memory is called 168-line memory, and the new standard DDR SDRAM memory bar has 184 points of contact.

(2) SDRAM's gold finger has two notches, and DDR SDRAM has only one notch, which is the simplest and most effective way to identify SDRAM and DDR memory.

(3) In electrical indicators, SDRAM and DDR SDRAM are not compatible. SDRAM is the 3.3V operating voltage of memory, while DDR SDRAM requires a lower 2.5V voltage, and DDR SDRAM requirements for the power supply is more stringent.

In addition, data can be transmitted because of the ascent and descent of the working clock cycle within the DDR (both SDRAM and DDR SDRAM have the same actual operating frequencies as CPU FSB). Therefore, it is advisable to purchase DDR memory if the user's motherboard is supported.

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