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FileTransferProtocolServer is a computer that provides file storage and access services on the internet. they provide services according to the FTP protocol, this article describes how to use PHP to implement an efficient and secure ftp Server (1). Learn more about phpftp Server (File Transfer Protocol Server) is a computer that provides file storage and access services on the internet. they provide services according to the FTP protocol. FTP is File Transfer Protocol (File Transfer Protocol ). As the name implies, it is a protocol specifically used to transmit files. Simply put, the server that supports the FTP protocol is the FTP server.


This article mainly describes how to use the swoole extension of PHP to implement ftp servers, while also extending the ftp server's personalized functions and security. Implement an ftp server that is fully controlled by you and customize the ftp server.


The FTP server must be familiar to everyone. There are also a lot of ready-made software to use. However, free software features sometimes do not meet your needs and cannot be developed again. The price of paid software is high. The swoole extension of PHP is a high-performance network communication framework of PHP. It provides PHP asynchronous multi-threaded servers, asynchronous TCP/UDP network clients, asynchronous MySQL, database connection pool, AsyncTask, message Queue, millisecond timer, asynchronous file read/write, asynchronous DNS query.

Swoole can be widely used in the Internet, mobile communications, enterprise software, online games, IoT, IoV, smart home, and other fields. Using PHP + Swoole as the network communication framework can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise it r & D teams and focus more on developing innovative products.

Swoole has built-in asynchronous non-blocking and multi-thread network I/O servers. PHP programmers only need to handle event callback and do not need to care about the underlying layer. Unlike Nginx, Tornado, Node. js, and other fully asynchronous frameworks, Swoole supports both full asynchronization and synchronization.

With this foundation, it is easy to develop TCP/IP-based servers. You may ask why PHP can be used in C # and other languages? I want to focus on development efficiency. PHP is a script language without compilation, and development and deployment are fast.

  The steps are listed here:

00 preparation platform, I use CentOS7 here;

01 to install php and swoole extensions, see;

02 set the character set. Because ftp files are prone to garbled characters, we recommend that you set the character set of the operating system to GB18030, which is consistent with that of Windows. Currently, most ftp clients support utf8 file name encoding, however, the usage is not satisfactory. Thank you very much for choosing the solution;

03 compile the php program and test the php program;

04 deploy the ftp server for php.

  The functions of the ftp server are as follows:

* User and group management;
* Self-help password modification and resetting;
* Folder permission management;
* IP address access control;
* View online users;
* View disk space usage;
* SSL support protects the transmission of passwords and files;
* The built-in web management page facilitates remote management.

Project Directory:  

+-Config. php // FTP configuration file
+-Ssl. crt // ssl certificate
+-Ssl. key // ssl key
+-CSmtp. php // smtp mail class for sending and resetting FTP passwords
+-ShareMemory. php // shared memory operation class
+-User. php // User management, file permission management, and IP address access control
+-Logs // log file
+-Reference // reference Document
+-Wwwroot // FTP Web management website
+-CWebServer. php // FTP built-in http server
+-CFtpServer. php // FTP server Master Program
+-MyFtpServer. php // FTP entry program

This article will be introduced to you and will be updated in the future.

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